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    Kodak Alaris and Inofile Collaborate to Help Healthcare Professionals More Easily Exchange Patient Records Kodak Alaris and Inofile Collaborate to Help Healthcare Professionals More Easily Exchange Patient Records

    Healthcare providers today face significant challenges exchanging unstructured patient information with other providers. Meeting security and HIPAA regulatory requirements to avoid patient information privacy breaches and fines continues to be a major pain point.
  • Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner

    Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner

    Dr. med. Günter Umbach hilft als Trainer und Berater Führungskräften, schneller Ergebnisse zu erreichen. Sie profitieren von seinen Erfahrungen in einer Start-up-Firma und in einem forschenden Pharma-Unternehmen als Medical Advisor, Produktmanager, Informationsbeauftragter, Medical Director, Marketing Director und Teamleiter für die Strategie einer Milliarden-Euro-Marke im Herz-Kreislauf-Bereich. Klienten nutzen seine Erfahrungen am MD Anderson Forschungsinstitut in Houston, als Facharzt für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe, als Fakultätsmitglied von Management Centre Europe in Brüssel, als Gastdozent an Universitäten in Bilbao, Istanbul und Essen sowie als Mitglied der German Speakers Association, der Global Speakers Federation und des Institute of Management Consultants USA. Interviews, ...
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    Healthcare-Woche bei UNITY

    UNITY AG | 19.09.2017
    Das Krankenhaus der Zukunft – dies ist Thema auf den folgenden 3 Veranstaltungen bei denen unsere Healthcare Experten Vorträge halten. Wir würden uns freuen, Sie dort zu treffen.   20./21.09 „Bau und Betrieb von Spitälern“ in Basel, CH 20./21.09 „Gesundheitswirtschaftskongress“ in Hamburg 20./21.09 „KH-IT Herbsttagung 2017“ in MainzMehr zum Thema Smart Hospital: http://bit.ly/2xgdYpv
  • The Digital Revolution in Healthcare

    Oracle | 25.04.2017
    Technology is changing the way we look at things and the way we work together in the clinical world. It’s not disruption, it’s evolution, and it’s empowering us all to evolve. Join us on the journey of the digital revolution in healthcare.
  • Agfa HealthCare Goes Worldwide with Sugar

    Agfa HealthCare chose Sugar as its first global Customer Relationship Management platform because it wanted more than a sales funnel. The ease of integration, on-premise hosting option and enhanced mobile functionality were keys that made Sugar stand out, says Project Manager Doug Irvine, who directed the implementation.
  • How to Win the Recruitment War in Healthcare

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 09.05.2017
    Despite adding, on average 3500 jobs/per month, healthcare organizations still struggle with staffing issues that lead to burnout, disengaged employees and high turnover. More than half of new employees leave their positions within the first two years, and nursing turnover rates cost the average hospital $5.2M – $8.1M per year. Add to it that fact that low engagement among nurses is the #1 factor correlating to mortality, and it’s easy to see how a misstep in talent management can significantly impair quality and financial outcomes. So how can organizations break out from this epidemic and ensure that they not only attract and select top healthcare performers but also keep them around long term? Listen to our webinar series on Talent Acquisition in Healthcare to learn how.
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    New Data on CRM for the Healthcare Industry

    I just read a report from Grand View Research that said the global healthcare CRM market is expected to reach USD $17.4 billion by 2025. For comparison’s sake, the same report said healthcare firms will spend about $6.5 billion on CRM in 2016 . The study said, “rising demand for workflow automation and a single […]
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