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    Impressionen von der DOAG Konferenz 2017

    Autor : OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH | 05.12.2017
    www.opitz-consulting.com OPITZ CONSULTING war im November 2017 mit zahlreichen Fachvorträgen und Show Cases rund um die Digitalisierung sowie mit einer großangelegten Recruiting-Kampagne bei der großen Konferenz der Deutschen Oracle Anwendergruppe (DOAG e. V,) in Nürnberg vertreten.
  • Oracle Cloud Security Overview

    Autor : Oracle | 16.03.2018
    Akshay Bhargava, VP of Oracle Cloud Business Group, discusses cloud security challenges and how Oracle addresses security.
  • Oracle Netsuite Enables Ingenios Santos to Make Faster Decisions

    Autor : Oracle | 07.03.2018
    Abelardo Fuerte, IT Director, describes how Ingenios Santos, the fourth largest sugar producer in Mexico, benefits with Oracle NetSuite.
  • Oracle Consulting & SFPD: Protecting Citizens with Analytics

    Autor : Oracle | 01.03.2018
    Oracle Consulting partners with San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to implement a business intelligence solution to streamline, automate, and speed up processes in order to detect crime faster and protect citizens from threats.
  • RLB Grows Apps Offerings 6x with Oracle Database Appliance

    Autor : Oracle | 23.02.2018
    RLB Systems considered Oracle Database Appliance for its simplicity and built-in performance. Listen to RLB describe the additional benefits they gained in implementing ODA.
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse – How It Works

    Autor : Oracle | 09.02.2018
    VP of Product Management, George Lumpkin, examines common customer challenges with traditional data warehouse deployments and details the features of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud autonomous life-cycle aimed at overcoming these obstacles.
  • Darling Ingredients Solves Global IT Challenges with OCI

    Autor : Oracle | 02.12.2017
    Darling Ingredients solves global IT challenges by deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
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