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  • Surviving the New Skills Economy- Training Magazine

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 17.04.2018
    The world has changed and the next industrial revolution has arrived. According to the World Economic Forum, we have entered the 4th Industrial Revolution, in which technology has been and will continue to be embedded into society in ways that involve and require entirely new capabilities for people and machines. Technology has also destroyed the staying power of traditional companies, reducing their average lifespan by two thirds since 1950, and moving the majority of their assets from tangible products to intangible assets, comprised of people and intellectual property. In short, this means that in this new digital age, skills have become the new currency, and data is the oil that fuels our transactions. Hear from Brett Wilson, Cornerstone’s Director of Thought Leadership and ...

    Bewerben Sie sich jetzt mit Ihrem innovativen HR-Projekt um den Deutschen Personalwirtschaftspreis 2018. Bis zum 30. Mai haben Unternehmen jeglicher Größe die Möglichkeit, Ihre Bewerbung einzureichen. Zur Auswahl stehen dieses Jahr insgesamt sechs Kategorien: Recruiting, Talent Management, BGM, Leadership und HR-Organisation sowie – neu für 2018 – die Kategorie Ausbildung. Überzeugen Sie die Jury mit Ihrem Projekt und bewerben Sie sich jetzt online. Unser Herausgeber Erwin Stickling erklärt mal kurz und knapp, wie das geht. (www.deutscher-personalwirtschaftspreis.de)
  • Office Hours: 5 Ways to Diversify Your Talent Pipeline

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 11.04.2018
    Cornerstone’s "Office Hours" video series features quick career, workplace and leadership tips from talent management experts and business leaders from across the globe.
  • When Job Skills Meet Purpose, Passion and Engagement Soar

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 10.04.2018
    Employees need to connect deeply to their purpose by asking themselves, “who am I?” By simply slowing down and not moving at the pace of the evolutionary technology boom, employees can determine their next path, whether it be a complete shift in career or an augmentation to make them more relevant in this evolving economy and job market. Engagement is really simple; it’s an authentic connection to a purpose, no matter what you do! Aligning with purpose leads to passion, and passion leads to happiness, and then happiness leads to productivity, which naturally leads to results that are beneficial to the person and organization itself.
  • Building Our Bench And Securing Our Future: Ameriprise Financial Inc. On High Potential Development

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 05.04.2018
    Embedding the development of high potential leaders into the fabric of a learning and development strategy is an ongoing priority and challenge for many of us. As we consider possible solutions for creating a willing and able bench of successors, we find ourselves tackling several questions: - How do we define high potential? - Are the learning needs of high potentials vastly different from other employees? - Do our solutions provide ample opportunity for both development and visibility? - Should high potentials learn from each other? - Who should develop high potentials? L&D professionals? Managers and leaders? External experts? - How do we know whether the program is successful? - Hear about Ameriprise Financial Inc.’s journey to build a comprehensive high potential framework. ...
  • Learner Preferences: How Do Employees Want to Learn?

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 03.04.2018
    Learner preferences play a prominent role in the modern learning system. Recent Training Industry, Inc. research indicates that learners rate certain modalities as more effective than others, but many of the highest rated modalities are not typically used to provide training. This pattern of results provides guidance for making decisions about modalities to ensure high-quality learning experiences. This interactive webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights on: - Aligning learner preferences and typical modality choices - The kinds of training delivery modalities that learners prefer - Recommendations for improving training effectiveness through modality selection
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    Working Smarter: Designing Work to Improve Well-being and Performance

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 29.03.2018
    In this session, Graham Lowe, workplace consultant and co-author of Redesigning Work, presents an interactive webinar that discusses: • The current state of work in Canada • How Canadian workers have experienced a tumultuous decade of change • Trends in the quality of work-life • Opportunities to improve both well-being and job performance • A blueprint for designing better work, from the perspective of Canadian workers
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