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  • Office Hours: 3 Ways to Invest in Future Company Leaders

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 12.10.2017
    Cornerstone’s "Office Hours" video series features quick career, workplace and leadership tips from talent management experts and business leaders from across the globe.
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    #NextRecruiting17 Die Zukunft des Recruiting – was sagen Vordenker!

    In einer Minute die vielen Impulse der Blogparade #NextRecruiting17 (Henrik Zabarowski, Jo Diercks, ...) und der neuen Studie von StepStone (Christoph Schneppe) vorzustellen, ist eine Herausforderung. 5 M = Maschine + Mensch, Management + Matching und vor allem Mindset habe ich als Cluster gewählt.
  • DHL Consulting #EmployeeStory – Karin

    Employee Story from DHL Consutling - What motivates Karin, Senior Consultant, is that project outcomes are actually applied and do not disappear into a drawer DHL Consulting – the in-house consultancy for the management of Deutsche Post DHL Group & the strategic supply chain consultancy for multinational companies in different industries. #DHLConsulting #InhouseConsulting #ManagementConsulting #SupplyChainConsulting www.dhl-consulting.com Check out our business updates: www.linkedin.com/company/dhlconsulting Learn about our recruiting activities: www.facebook.com/dhlconsulting Gain insights into our team culture: www.instagram.com/dhl_consulting
  • Digital Mind Change ZP17 – Warum Sie unbedingt bei der Konferenz #DigitalMindChange dabei sein müssen

    Zukunft Personal Messe | 10.10.2017
    Digitalisierung ist in jeder Branche eine Herausforderung. Die Konferenz Digital Mind Change am 26.10.2017 setzt zentrale Impulse, fördert Umdenken und unterstützt Transformationsprozesse von digital zu real.
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    Cornerstone PiiQ Performance

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 05.10.2017
    PiiQ Performance is a simple easy-to-use solution for small to medium businesses that transforms manual performance reviews into a living, breathing and ongoing dialogue between managers and employees that engages team members, clarifies expectations, and encourages development. Learn more about Cornerstone solutions for small to medium businesses: https://smb.cornerstoneondemand.com
  • Put the Life Back into Life Sciences Training: Make Your Compliance Learning Program Thrive

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 03.10.2017
    It's no secret that compliance training is challenging for most organizations. Subject matter experts may not necessarily make good trainers, and organizations continue to leverage long read and agree SOP trainings which fail to resonate with the modern employee. As a result, employees struggle to absorb the information, and organizations struggle to develop meaningful training programs and change their culture of learning. So, how can compliance trainers extend the life of the learning experience and drive up engagement so people retain what they learn? Join Jaci Nagel, Manager at Educe Group, and Benhur Benjamin, Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone OnDemand, in this compelling webinar, as they cover: • Navigating the challenges of compliance ...
  • How to Attract and Retain the Incoming Generation of Government Employees

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 30.09.2017
    Ten thousand baby boomers turn 65 every day and 50 percent of the world population was under 30 in 2010. The future workforce is going to look different than it does today, and technology is at the center of that change. Mobile devices, social media, and video permeate the lives of the next generation of workers and they expect these tools to extend to their jobs. To stay competitive, governments need to transform how they attract and retain this tech-savvy generation. Listen to this webinar to learn: • Talent management strategies to help make the government workplace more flexible, engaging, and personalized • How to boost and tailor recruitment efforts to attract skilled workers • The role technology will play in improving talent management Featured Speakers: Sharon Williams, ...
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