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Alan Meekings

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Founder and Managing Director
k. A.
k. A.

As an adviser to organisations for over 20 years, Alan has led complex major change programmes and turnaround assignments for a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors, including retail, financial services, engineering, travel and transport, utilities, aerospace, defence and the public sector.

He has also served as the CEO of a high-profile company and has extensive experience of working at Board level.

A recognised expert in the practical application of leading-edge concepts in fields such as lean thinking, systemic thinking, change management and leadership, Alan recently co-authored a ground-breaking handbook on fundamental improvement in the public sector.

His combination of expertise and experience, developed both from a line management and consulting perspective, enables him to advise with authority not only on how work gets done in organisations but also on how organisations are structured and managed.

He is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Business Performance at Cranfield University School of Management, the world’s leading academic research centre in the field of performance measurement and management.

Alan graduated in Engineering at Cambridge University, and initially served in the British Army and Commando Forces Royal Marines.

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