Manoj Patel
Nimsoft customer SoftLayer was recently featured in a nice blog by Derrick Harris of GigaOM. SoftLayer’s customers include a who’s who list of hot Web application providers like Tumblr, SlideShare, Host Gator and many others. SoftLayer provides a range of services, including cloud computing, dedicated servers and managed hosting—and it does so on a massive scale, managing 13 data centers and more than 100,000 servers. Ensuring service level targets are met is essential to all the services SoftLayer provides. SoftLayer relies on Nimsoft Monitor to track the service levels of the infrastructure it supports, and to deliver monitoring services to clients. Following are a few of the key capabilities required to support SoftLayer’s massive operation: Comprehensive coverage. SoftLayer customers run the gamut of technologies and platforms, so the monitoring coverage SoftLayer provides has to adapt accordingly. Efficiency. Customers and SoftLayer staff use the same monitoring platform and APIs, which is vital to optimizing efficiency, flexibility and service levels. Automation support. SoftLayer achieved its operational scalability by building in automation from the outset including automated provisioning and de-provisioning, highly dynamic and virtualized resources.  The only way to scale administration is to have monitoring capabilities that can support automated discovery, configuration, and deployment. If you’re interested in learning more about monitoring your organization’s public cloud services, check out our white paper: Ensuring High Service Levels for Public Cloud Deployments.


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