Business Process Acceleration within Oracle E-Business Suite

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  • Automate Application Business Processes
    The Oracle E-Business Suite is an extensive set of business applications for managing important business processes across your organization. This suite of complex business applications requires extensive business and application process integration. Oracle Applications are designed to empower the business user to take accountability of the business process and resulting data. As a result, employees using Oracle E-Business applications must perform a dual role of understanding the business process and the underlying supporting application tasks. Many times these application tasks are critical to the business process but are usually cumbersome and manual in nature.

    Manual tasks lend themselves to risk: data entry errors, errors in processing, and delays in processing. Additionally, when organizations change business processes or acquire new operating units, they are faced with complex change management issues from a business and IT perspective. UC4 Software provides an advanced solution for the Oracle E-Business Suite that streamlines business processes, reduces implementation time, and provides true enterprise process management within, around, and beyond the Oracle E-Business Suite.

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    Die UC4 Workload Automation Suite ist unsere Antwort auf Ihren unternehmensweiten Automationsbedarf – eine durchgehend integrierte Plattform, die eine einheitliche und konsolidierte Sicht auf den gesamten End-to-End Automationsprozess bietet. Die UC4 Automation Engine stellt dabei die zentrale Kontrolleinheit, mit der wir so viele Betriebssysteme, Datenbanken und Packaged Solutions wie kein anderer Anbieter am Markt einbinden, automatisieren und managen können.
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