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  • SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Customers | Enhance Customer Value Using Artificial Intelligence
    Seacoast Bank enhances customer value using AI and SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya. As banking services move online, it’s critical for banks to get a clear view of their most loyal customers to answer questions like: What’s the lifetime value of a customer? What’s driving that profitability? And what’s the best opportunity to increase that value? Banks have a lot of customer data, given their role as financial intermediaries. The challenge is tapping into it to understand customer value and, ultimately, find new ways to better serve, retain and acquire customers. With plenty of customer data at hand, Seacoast Bank turned to SAS to gain insights into customer wants and needs. The first step: wrangling the data from different sources to make it useful in a consistent, trusted manner. ...

  • Atos
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    Tech a minute video: the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace
    A recent McKinsey report estimates that, by 2030, robotics and AI will take human jobs in less than 5% of roles. But they will also have an impact on another 60%, replacing some tasks rather than the jobs themselves. For companies, the changes will be significant. What will the net impact of AI be on jobs? And how will it change the workplace as we know it? That’s the question we asked to our expert Marianne Hewlett, Senior Vice President and member of the Atos Scientific Community.

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    Der #Rezo-Schock – cnetz über die Notwendigkeit einer modernen Digitalpolitik
    Die Netzpolitiker der CDU fordern eine Vorfahrt für die Digitalisierung und für neue Geschäftsmodelle. Auch in der aktuellen Diskussion über Klimaziele seien gut eingesetzte Digitaltechnologien und künstliche Intelligenz essenziell.

  • Atos
    Tech a minute video – Cybersecurity
    Many organizations are starting to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to allow them to remain secure. Research shows that 60% think AI has the ability to find attacks before they do damage. But how exactly is it possible? That’s the question we asked to our expert Zeina Zakhour, Global Chief Technology officer for Cybersecurity at Atos.

  • Atos
    A look back at our AI Lab’s opening ceremony in partnership with Google Cloud
    On April 4th, Atos and Google Cloud inaugurated an artificial intelligence lab in the presence of Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy and Finance. Being a space for teaching and experimentation, the IA Lab welcomes French and European customers to define concrete use cases and prototype solutions. Look back at the highlights of this event.

  • KI-basiertes Projekt “Herz Held”: Mit Künstlicher Intelligenz gegen Herzinsuffizienz | Microsoft
    Mehr Informationen: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/make-your-wish/ Am 9. April 2019 sprachen Markus Bönig, Geschäftsführer von vitabook, und Dr. Olaf Göing, Chefarzt des Sana Klinikums Lichtenberg, im Rahmen des Microsoft KI-Festivals in Berlin darüber, wie Künstliche Intelligenz die Behandlung von Herzinsuffizienz verbessern kann.

  • Rockwell Automation
    Rockwell Automation
    FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™: Coupling Artificial Intelligence with Logix
    What if you could predict anomalies like an overheating engine or a faulty drive? The FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™ module provides embedded analytics that empower customers to apply machine learning concepts – no need to be a data scientist. Applying analytics within the controller application is a new fundamental approach to achieving process improvements. Learn more about the ControlLogix® 5580 controller and FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™ module here: https://ab.rockwellautomation.com/Programmable-Controllers/ControlLogix/5580-Controllers#whatsnew.

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