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  • Tipps & Tricks 3: Individuelle Konstruktionsanfrage in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Was passiert eigentlich, wenn es keine Auswahlmöglichkeit in Standardabfragen gibt? Wie kann man bei Konstruktionsaufträgen bzw. Angeboten, frühzeitige die Technikabteilung einbinden? In diesem Tutorial gehen wir genau dieser Frage nach… und das in 1 Minute und 44 Sekunden!!! Wir wünschen kurzweilige Unterhaltung. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier: https://de.cosmoconsult.com/branchen/digitale-gesamtloesungen-diskrete-fertigung/

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    Prof. Dr Stefan Tewes im Gespräch zu New Work – Teil II
    Im Sommer 2019 durfte ich Prof. Stefan Tewes an der FOM Hochschule in seinem Studiengang "Digital Transformation" besuchen. Wir haben zwei kurze Dialoge dazu aufgenommen. Hier in Teil II geht es um New Work und den Future Business Kompass.

  • Atos
    Atos 11.07.2020
    Quantum, Business & Society: Teaching to formulate problems in quantum language
    As we find universities and colleges across the globe close, and in turn Atos campus events postponed due to the current climate, we strive to stay close to our student and graduate population, stay connected with our partner universities whilst also giving something back to society. We bring to you the Atos Campus College Pop Up Tour, which is a series of webinar lectures that will be released each week from now until July. From their home to yours, our Atos distinguished experts, members of our Scientific Community and professors from our partner universities share bitesize lectures on stimulating topics, to share knowledge, to learn together and to remain virtually connected in these challenging times. How can you formulate your problems in ‘quantum’ from the start? How do we move ...

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    Tipps & Tricks 2: Fehlervermeidung in Stücklisten in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Wie kann ein individueller Artikel konfiguriert werden, der außerhalb bestehender Varianten erstellt wird? In diesem Tutorial gehen wir genau dieser Frage nach. … und das in 1 Minute und 43 Sekunden!!! Wir wünschen kurzweilige Unterhaltung. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier: https://de.cosmoconsult.com/branchen/digitale-gesamtloesungen-diskrete-fertigung/

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    Cubeware GmbH 11.07.2020
    Digital Data Warehousing in 2020 | Cubeware
    As a data solutions platform, Cubeware’s digital warehousing ecosystem let’s you view and interpret data, leading to valuable insights that can transform your business. A Cubeware solution gives you instant access to all of your valuable data in a safe and secure ecosystem, with complete visibility of your information. The powerful insights gained allow for informed, calculated decision making, and can be used to transform your business. For more info on Digital Warehousing, visit: https://cubeware.com/ #BusinessIntelligence #DataAnalytics #AdvancedDataAnalytics #Cubeware

  • Dr. Westernacher & Partner Unternehmensberatung AG
    Servicio de entrega a domicilio con SAP en 90 días
    Home deliveries are booming. And they will grow even more over the next years. Companies that can respond quickly and adapt their business model will be among the winners. With our webinar, you can start your home delivery project or speed up your schedule. With our proven approach and the appropriate SAP solutions, you can easily set up your own home delivery service. In months, not years. For more information, please follow: https://westernacher.com/events-webinars/how-to-implement-your-own-home-delivery-service-with-sap-in-90-days-2/ Follow us on: LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/westernacher/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Westernacher.Group Twitter https://twitter.com/WesternacherCON Instagram https://www.instagram.com/westernacher_consulting/

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    Workday 10.07.2020
    Workday “Business Caddie”
    Workday is a great partner who’s always there for you with insights and guidance. It’s like having a business caddie.

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