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  • Westernacher Webinar Connected Worker
    Learn how you can leverage SAP technology to connect your workers. Understand how easy it is to push safety and efficiency of your staff to the next level. Experience a live demo to get a better and more tangible impression. - SAP Leonardo introduction - Connected Worker – The idea and benefits - Connected Worker demo - Wrap-up and Q&A session 📧 Contact Matthias Hollenders I Global Lead IoT & Industry 4.0 | Market Unit Lead DACH matthias.hollenders@westernacher.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/hollenders/ Phil Azanov | Lead - IoT/Industry 4.0, Americas phil.azanov@westernacher.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/pazanov/ 👉 https://westernacher-consulting.com/webinars/increase-safety-and-efficiency-with-connected-worker-on-sap-iot/

  • BrP_Logo_1S_PS
    BearingPoint GmbH
    Navigating complexity: how CSPs can seize the $1 billion B2B revenue opportunity
    Angus Ward, CEO Digital Platform Solutions, BearingPoint//Beyond, talks to Meet the Boss about how CSPs can seize the B2B revenue opportunity. He describes the three drivers of growth, the enterprise opportunities emerging from advanced technologies such as 5G and IoT, and how CSPs can benefit from orchestrating a partner ecosystem through a platform.

  • Zukunftsfähig mit IoT
    Unternehmen stehen vor den großen Herausforderungen, dass sie die Kundenbedarfe nicht mehr rechtzeitig bedienen können. Kunden erwarten hochindividualsierte Lieferungen am nächsten Tag. Viele Unternehmen können dies, mit ihren Prozessen und Technologien, die sie aktuell implementiert haben, nicht leisten. IoT ermöglicht es, die komplette Logistik zu vernetzen. Unternehmen können dadurch mehr Transparenz gewinnen und Kundenerwartungen schneller und individualisierter bedienen und letztendlich agiler in den Prozessen sein. Erfahren Sie mehr zu IoT: https://westernacher-consulting.com/business-it/internet-of-things-iot/ Oder registrieren Sie sich jetzt für unser anstehendes Webinar: ...

  • Oracle
    Smart Travelr Demo
    Traveling can be a burden and a lot to manage. Smart Travelr will help connect all these details, booking a car, a flight, and even a hotel room using Internet of Things applications.

  • Oracle
    Driving Innovation with Emerging Trends in Media
    Panel discussion on how emerging technologies and trends such as AI, machine learning, IoT, chatbots, and blockchain are driving the future of the media and entertainment industry. Learn how global firms innovate for retention and growth.

  • Atos
    Thumbnail of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdFbUlWlxVA
    Atos Standardized IoT Platform
    Discover the opportunities for your industry with Atos's Standardized Internet of Things platform.

  • BrP_Logo_1S_PS
    BearingPoint GmbH
    Digital Process Twin transforming your factory into a smart autonomous one
    Interruptions in production are a major problem for manufacturers. They often arise from inconsistencies in processes that affect raw material availability. The journey from warehouse to the assembly line is particularly important. In lean and optimized manufacturing systems, disruptions in material supply result in missing parts and higher costs. Inappropriate or deficient system settings as well as sudden breaks or bottlenecks in preceding processes are common causes, and they are seldom detected or are identified too late. There may be a lack of transparency across the value chain due to disconnected processes and system silos. For material supply, reaction time to failures is critical. However, if real-time data from interdependent processes is neither gathered nor evaluated ...

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