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    Cubeware GmbH 11.08.2020
    Data Analyst: The Next Big Thing Post-Pandemic | Cubeware
    Adapting to the drastic economic change, more and more companies are seeing the value of data-driven business strategies, and this has opened up an abundance of job opportunities especially in the area of data intelligence. With the aid of analytical tools, the person who accumulates, processes, and performs analysis of data is referred to as a Data Analyst. He or she is required to present data in a simple visual format, in order to help organizations and companies understand how to make better business decisions. If you are looking to equip yourself with the ability to be a data analyst, here are some of the criteria. For more info on Data Analytics, visit: https://cubeware.com/ #DataAnalyst #DataAnalystCareer #DataAnalystQuereinstieg #BusinessIntelligence #DataAnalytics ...

  • Oracle
    Oracle 11.08.2020
    Oracle E-Business Suite, The Differentiators – Technical Deep Dive
    By running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud for your mission-critical workloads you can reduce time and cost for your projects. As well as better manageability with automated lifecycle management and cloning, all built with security in mind.

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    Cubeware GmbH 07.08.2020
    The Do’s and Don’ts In Data Analytics for Businesses | Cubeware
    Strategic thinking and planning are crucial to growing your business, especially in trying times. With the advent of data-driven decision making, the area is rapidly evolving, and, for the past few years, businesses have increasingly turned towards data analytics to assist in decision-making. Entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders should take advantage of the shift from traditional methods to more modern ones by providing their analysts with the proper tools to uncover insights and design an up-to-date process that drives the business forward. Here are our essential do’s and don’ts of data analytics, to help guide your organization in transforming data into measurable results. Follow this link https://cubeware.setmore.com/teamcubeware for a free 15 minutes discovery call and let us guide ...

  • Rheinwerk Verlag
    Rheinwerk Verlag 06.08.2020
    Rheinwerk Verlag
    Fame! – Das Handbuch für Influencer | Trailer
    Traumjob Influencer? Mit diesem Buch startest Du durch! 😎 Sven-Oliver Funke und Jessika Löwen haben in »Fame! – Das Handbuch für Influencer« alles zusammengetragen, was Du für einen gelungenen Einstieg ins Influencer-Business brauchst. Spannende Interviews mit erfolgreichen Influencern inklusive. 👍 Alle Infos zum Buch und eine Leseprobe findest Du hier: http://r-wrk.de/r5pev

  • Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG
    Produktvideo: Das erwartet Sie als Teilnehmer
    Das erwartet Sie als Teilnehmer im Produkt Data Science Business Professional der Data Science der Haufe Akademie. http://www.haufe-akademie.de/31560

  • Business Life Hack 3 zu Microsoft 365: Private Channels in Microsoft Teams
    Heute zeigen wir Ihnen live im System die Vor- und Nachteile von privaten Kanälen in Microsoft Teams auf.

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    Cubeware GmbH 04.08.2020
    How To Improve HR Management In 2020 With Data Analytics
    In building a successful business, arguably the most valuable asset within the organization is the people. Human resource departments globally are now looking towards data analytics to provide informed and unbiased decision making. This method is considered to be more effective and objective compared to the traditional method involving human feedback and reviews. Thanks to the rapid advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Human Resource professionals now have even more data available to help improve human resource department's efficiency. For more info on Data Analytics, visit: https://www.cubeware.com/de/loesungen/fachbereiche/personalwesen-und-hr/ #BusinessIntelligence #DataAnalytics #AdvancedDataAnalytics #Cubeware