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    Twitter Channel – 8vance (@info8vance) on Twitter

    Autor : 8vance | 12.10.2018
    8vance offers a virtual personal recruitment and career assistant (AIMA) based on #Bigdata and #AI. #recruitment #HR #HRtech #HRsolution #talentsourcing
  • Starting the week with a team…

    Autor : 8vance | 08.10.2018
    Starting the week with a team meeting! Vivian gives us an update about our research, projects and the next steps. pic.twitter.com/S3dg0rVRfo
  • Are text messages an appropriate…

    Autor : 8vance | 03.10.2018
    Are text messages an appropriate way to communicate with candidates? 78% of candidates say they would apply for a new job through their mobile device if the process were simple. https://buff.ly/2M8TWS2  pic.twitter.com/yKw0zkIOcb
  • The rapid pace of technological…

    Autor : 8vance | 26.09.2018
    The rapid pace of technological advancement has brought forth a new design methodology. Computational design, which takes advantage of mass computing power, machine learning, and large amounts of data, is changing the role of humans in the design process. https://buff.ly/2LWjfXp  pic.twitter.com/qpdHKlE6tw
  • Now Whatsapp has opened up its…

    Autor : 8vance | 19.09.2018
    Now Whatsapp has opened up its system via the Application Programming Interface (API), it's possible to build a Whatsapp chatbot. This allows applicants to ask questions via a Whatsapp message, which are automatically answered. https://buff.ly/2M4aBpx  pic.twitter.com/s5wwZbhmld
  • Data analysis, or analytics,…

    Autor : 8vance | 12.09.2018
    Data analysis, or analytics, enables business managers and planners to capture and interpret large datasets to guide business decisions. https://buff.ly/2OWb7J6  pic.twitter.com/lmVcXtILaV
  • 5G networks are coming. The…

    Autor : 8vance | 05.09.2018
    5G networks are coming. The networks will help power a huge rise in Internet of Things technology, providing the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data, allowing for a smarter and more connected world. https://buff.ly/2w8iJ2j  pic.twitter.com/atJdj2IOo3