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    Twitter Channel – 8vance (@info8vance) on Twitter

    Autor : 8vance | 12.10.2018
    8vance offers a virtual personal recruitment and career assistant (AIMA) based on #Bigdata and #AI. #recruitment #HR #HRtech #HRsolution #talentsourcing
  • Starting the week with a team…

    Autor : 8vance | 08.10.2018
    Starting the week with a team meeting! Vivian gives us an update about our research, projects and the next steps. pic.twitter.com/S3dg0rVRfo
  • Matching op meerdere dimensies…

    Autor : 8vance | 31.08.2018
    Matching op meerdere dimensies wordt steeds belangrijker bij het verbinden van talent en banen. Een overzicht van Recruitment Tech Landscape https://buff.ly/2C4pSHr  pic.twitter.com/oQ6HFPt0Lz
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    Digital experiences have made…

    Autor : 8vance | 04.07.2018
    Digital experiences have made daily life easier. The current generation of top talent demands the same simplicity in their work. An excellent employee experience using technology is therefore the new way to win the battle for talent. https://buff.ly/2I5CCLK  pic.twitter.com/X4ESEJIvqB
  • Vandaag presenteerde Anne bij…

    Autor : 8vance | 29.06.2018
    Vandaag presenteerde Anne bij conferentie Baandomein de persoonlijke arbeidsmarkt, waarmee iedereen straks aan zijn loopbaan kan werken. Binnenkort live! pic.twitter.com/Ks2Uyd0Kie
  • Flexibility is key to make…

    Autor : 8vance | 20.06.2018
    Flexibility is key to make employees flourish and meet their individual needs. Technology reaches out to us. Live chat platforms and smart communication help people in their work and personal commitments. 10 experts on flexibility in the workplace: https://buff.ly/2xuxYGQ  pic.twitter.com/SFsbFyAAmF
  • Beiräte/Experten vorgestellt – Han Stoffels, Artificial Intelligence

    Autor : NetSkill Solutions GmbH | 09.06.2018
    Kennen Sie schon die Beiräte/Experten unseres Kompetenz-Centers Artificial Intelligence, z.B. Han Stoffels? Mehr Infos durch Klick auf das Bild/Link.