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  • Smarter workers. Fewer injuries….
    Smarter workers. Fewer injuries. Better paint. Here are the ways #IIoT is transforming #manufacturing. http://epi.cr/sdyX50wLzTQ  pic.twitter.com/I9xhc5UOiI

  • Thumbnail of https://www.epicor.com/en-us/shopfloor/business-growth/3-ways-to-create-a-bottom-up-digital-transformation/
    Ways to Create a Bottom-Up Digital Transformation
    Investing in new technology requires everyone in your organization to buy in. And we mean everyone. Even the best-laid plans will fall at the first hurdle if employees aren't on board with the idea of change. They're vital to success, and that's the reason companies are beginning to take note.

  • Help your employees experience…
    Help your employees experience #digitaltransformation as growth, rather than disruption. http://epi.cr/UZNq50wLzOn  pic.twitter.com/wkbl4Cq52m

  • Industry professionals from all…
    Industry professionals from all over the world visit the International Manufacturing Technology Show, and we are excited to be part of #IMTS2020. @IMTSchicago http://epi.cr/Nx8450wGurB  pic.twitter.com/Dk5oMOYxk6

  • By the next decade, 75% of all…
    By the next decade, 75% of all American workers will be millennials. Here's how to attract the best talent. http://epi.cr/Y1ZH50wtiGu  #MFGDay19 pic.twitter.com/vYKeN9fjei

  • For auto shops, delays in having…
    For auto shops, delays in having the right parts for same-day repairs can drive business away. Watch how #artificialintelligence goes the extra mile for customers. pic.twitter.com/vtOKUNgzMF

  • Distributors: how will you…
    Distributors: how will you upgrade your sales force to be the best e-sellers for the next-generation buyers? We'll be discussing this and the e-commerce challenges facing #distributors with @achrnews in a free webinar on October 9. Book your space: http://epi.cr/Ia4450wlZaN  pic.twitter.com/JPVygre4kr

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