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    Insightful, @HermannSimon in #FD…
    Insightful, @HermannSimon in #FD (Dutch). Battle for world domination vs adding value by collaboration. #change https://fd.nl/weekend/1309283/zijn-de-duitse-verborgen-kampioenen-bestand-tegen-wereldwijde-tegenwind# …

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    Marketing Director Jovan Bugarcic…
    Marketing Director Jovan Bugarcic from Serbia writes: I really enjoyed your book "Confessions of the Pricing Man". Working with my marketing team your book gave me great ideas. Its really important for marketers to understand prices. #Pricing #Price pic.twitter.com/FSDGKWyLq9

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    Interview in Korean on the…
    Interview in Korean on the globalization of Korean small and mid-sized companies. #Korea #Marketing #Globalization https://buff.ly/2Kk1kfu 

  • Meadow with wild flowers in…
    Meadow with wild flowers in Hasborn/Eifel #Eifel #Flowers pic.twitter.com/mskjGp49MO

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    Gun Violence USA: Average number…
    Gun Violence USA: Average number of deaths in the five years 2014-18: 14,301 per year. #Gunviolence #Shootings #Death Source: https://buff.ly/2CKr94W 

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    St. Petersburg Mandolin Quartet…
    St. Petersburg Mandolin Quartet "Fireworks" playing in the wine cellar Blue Vault Storcke Stütz in Traben-Trarbach, Mosel #Music #St.Petersburg #Mosel pic.twitter.com/NkDJUZtq61

  • Simon-Kucher’s Pricing Forum 2019: TopLine Innovation – An opportunity for future growth
    Over 300 delegates from a range of companies and industries joined experts from Simon-Kucher & Partners in London for The Pricing Forum 2019. “The Simon-Kucher team demonstrated why they're the worlds number 1 in this field”, the new format two day event was devoted to an in depth exploration of TopLine Innovation: An opportunity for future growth. Simon-Kucher hosts a series of forums, conferences and workshops each year, designed to help you learn how to drive profitable growth through pricing, marketing and sales.

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