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    [EN] DLM Forum Industry Whitepaper 06 | Education, Training & Operation | TRW Systems Europe | Wolfgang Sommerer | Hamburg 2002
    From the Traditional Archivist to the Information Manager

    [EN] DLM Forum Industry Whitepaper 06 | Education, Training & Operation | TRW Systems Europe | Wolfgang Sommerer | Hamburg 2002 From the Traditional Archivist to the Information Manager AIIM Industry White Paper on Records, Document and Enterprise Content Management for the Public Sector Executive editors and coordinators Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer Silvia Kunze-Kirschner PCI PROJECT CONSULT International Ltd. Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Archivists and Information Managers 2.1 Organisational and social trends and electronic record keeping 2.2 International developments and management of electronic records 3. Managing Digital Archives 3.1 The value of content 3.2 Digital archives and record systems 3.3 On-line education and training 3.4 Challenges of e-Learning ...
  • Transportation & Logistics 2030 - Volume 2: Transport infrastructure — Engine or hand brake for global supply chains?

    Transportation & Logistics 2030 – Volume 2: Transport infrastructure — Engine or hand brake for global supply chains?

    Autor : PricewaterhouseCoopers AG | 08.03.2013
    Welcome to the 2nd volume of Transportation & Logistics 2030 (T&L 2030). This report is dedicated to one of the burning questions facing the sector: How will transport infrastructure be able to keep up with increasing freight volumes and growing demand for fast, efficient, reliable and environmentally sustainable transport solutions?The resonance received by the first T&L 2030 report, published in October 2009, motivated us to continue the series, and also inspired some of the insights of this next volume. We learned that for some, 2030 seems far in the distant future, a time-frame beyond imagination; and our undertaking to develop scenarios up to 2030 a bit overly ambitious. At the same time, though, we've heard a strong consensus that business leaders and governments need to put an even ...
  • Ralph Hiob

    Impact of Process Maturity on Business Performance – Impact analysis of Business Process Maturity on organizational performance of telecom companies

    Autor : Ralph Hiob | 30.10.2008
    The study was conducted by acquiring the process maturity data and performance figures for telecom companies across four segments covering regulated, low penetration, medium penetration and highly competitive, mature markets. The maturity measurement model was developed to assess the maturity levels of overall processes and three key process areas covering Customer-facing, Network Operations and Product Lifecycle Management Processes. The maturity level of the organization was also measured to establish if adequate support systems were in place to sustain and improve existing processes. A positive correlation was identified between Overall Process Maturity and the key profitability ratios ROE, ROA and ROI. This correlation was further investigated and strengthened by qualitative ...
  • Volker Rieger

    Mobile Tagging – New Business Opportunities through 2D-Barcodes

    Autor : Dr. Volker Rieger | 30.10.2008
    Mobile Tagging ist ein großer Erfolg in Japan und aus dem täglichen Leben nicht mehr wegzudenken. Dort hat es zu einer großen Auswahl an neuen, verbraucherorientierten Anwendungen geführt. Es ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, wann Mobile Tagging Europa und andere Teile der Welt erreicht, in denen es bisher nur in der Logistik eingesetzt wurde. Viele neue erfolgversprechende Geschäftsmodelle und Anwendungen sind vorstellbar und eröffnen Marktchancen für neue Player, insbesondere für verbraucherorientierte Unternehmen, Werbetreibende und Mobilfunk-Unternehmen. Das vorliegende Opinion Paper gibt einen Überblick über die relevanten Themen und einen Ausblick über mögliche Zukunfts-Szenarien. Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Mobile Tagging Today 2.1 Mobile Tagging Technology ...
  • P2P-TV – A looming media revolution?

    Telekom-Beteiber benötigen ein tiefgehendes Verständnis, in welcher Art und Weise P2P-TV ihr Geschäft beeinflusst. Ob und wann beispielsweise P2P-TV (zumindest teilweise) IPTV substituieren kann. Andererseits können Telco-Betreiber P2P-Technologie nutzen, um ihr IPTV-Angebot zu differenzieren (bspw. durch Ausbau der Inhalte) und die Reichweite auszudehnen. Der Launch einer neuen Marke, die P2P-TV-Dienstleistungen anbietet, stellt eine weitere Möglichkeit dar. Aber die sicherlich größte Chance für Telcos ist die Nutzung der P2P-Netzwerke, um die Distribution von Inhalten kosteneffektiver zu gestalten. Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 P2P turns the distribution paradigm upside down 2.1 Video traffic dominates ‑ on-demand replaces linear programs 2.2 Hybrid P2P networks are ...
  • Volker Rieger

    Vendor strategies in the IMS ecosystem – Finding the right niche

    Autor : Dr. Volker Rieger | 24.07.2008
    The market for the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is emerging and promises substantial growth. Due to the modular, component-based architecture, specialized vendors can position themselves in the market next to the established large telco suppliers and IT players. From a network operator’s perspective the dynamic nature of the supplier market facilitates three archetype sourcing models ‑ direct best-of-breed sourcing, sourcing via a systems integrator, or choosing an integrated end-to-end solution from a single supplier.In order to understand the current nature of the IMS market, we have performed a study among vendors and systems integrators. Our aim was to understand their partnering behavior and go-to-market approaches. Combining our findings with recent academic research, we can draw ...
  • arvato_bertelsmann_logo_200x200px.png

    arvato Systems Supports Public Utility Compa-nies with Smart Metering Services
    IT service provider announces new modular full-service package for energy suppliers

    Autor : Arvato Systems GmbH | 16.01.2015
    (pressebox) Gütersloh, 16.01.2015 -arvato Systems offers a broad portfolio of modular smart metering servicesNew year ushers in the first public utility customersAs a new year begins, arvato Systems will take on the processes for measuring services and smart meter gateway administration for several public utility companies using its own information and communication technology (ICT) platform. The collaboration is based on a full-service package developed to cover the needs of smart metering.The IT service provider from the Bertelsmann Group was able to acquire several customers as the new year began with its new array of services. Among other activities, arvato Systems will provide complete smart me-tering services for the public utility companies in the German cities of Detmold, ...
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