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  • Market-Leading Services to Life Sciences - Perspectives on Life Sciences - The way we see it

    Market-Leading Services to Life Sciences – Perspectives on Life Sciences – The way we see it

    Autor : Capgemini Deutschland GmbH | 27.04.2011
    The start of 2011 has brought along an exceptional number of questions and challenges for the life sciences sector. This Spring 2011 edition of “Perspectives on Life Sciences” describes Capgemini’s latest thinking and leading-edge research on several of those issues. As always, our aim is to help you position your company to respond to change quickly and effectively, while securing competitive advantage.
  • Put the Life Back into Life Sciences Training: Make Your Compliance Learning Program Thrive

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 03.10.2017
    It's no secret that compliance training is challenging for most organizations. Subject matter experts may not necessarily make good trainers, and organizations continue to leverage long read and agree SOP trainings which fail to resonate with the modern employee. As a result, employees struggle to absorb the information, and organizations struggle to develop meaningful training programs and change their culture of learning. So, how can compliance trainers extend the life of the learning experience and drive up engagement so people retain what they learn? Join Jaci Nagel, Manager at Educe Group, and Benhur Benjamin, Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone OnDemand, in this compelling webinar, as they cover: • Navigating the challenges of compliance ...
  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG

    New Generation Business Process in Life Sciences

    Autor : SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG | 03.04.2018
    New Generation Business Process in Life Sciences   “Paper on Glass” terminology has been a focus in last decade for information technology to convert all physically signed forms into software content, adhering to compliance guide
  • Salesforce for Life Sciences Demo

    Autor : salesforce.com | 03.06.2016
    Health Cloud lets life science companies personalize each patient’s care journey from acquisition to ongoing support and engagement.
  • Bahnbrechende Geschäftsmodelle in der Life-Sciences-Branche

    Autor : SAP Deutschland SE & Co.KG | 05.01.2018
    Die Life-Sciences-Branche ist streng reguliert und strikt daran gebunden, vorhersehbare, validierte Ergebnisse zu liefern. Jetzt steht sie vor einem Umbruch. Verantwortlich dafür sind das rasante...
  • Perspectives on Life Sciences

    Perspectives on Life Sciences

    Autor : Capgemini Deutschland GmbH | 16.03.2011
    This issue covers topics like the reform of the UK NHS, Market Access, Shared Service Centers in Pharma, Procurement / Commodity Packs, Talent Management in the Life Sciences Industries, to just mention a few.The recent UK Government white paper on NHS reforms highlights an increased focus on outcomes and an increase in patient control over their health decisions. This change creates some interesting challenges for pharmaceutical companies – with an increased need to demonstrate value, potentially less predictable prescribing patterns, and possibly more opportunities for companies to contribute information and education to patients. While only the UK is directly impacted at present, many other countries look to the UK health service when making their own arrangements.
  • Sycor.LifeSciences – our CRM solution for the Life Sciences industry

    Autor : SYCOR GmbH | 10.01.2018
    In this video we will show you 4 benefits of our – on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement based – solution.
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