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  • PA Consulting Group
    PA Consulting Group 05.12.2007
    PA Consulting Group
    Shared service centres: delivering the promise
    Pan-European research into HR and Finance shared service centres Research background In today’s economic environment ‑ characterised by relatively low interest rates, intensifying competition and steady but unspectacular growth ‑ companies are focusing on building revenues incrementally while keeping costs under tight control. As part of these efforts, HR and Finance functions are under constant pressure to reduce their cost bases and simultaneously improve service quality by standardising processes and driving out inefficiencies. Shared Service Centres (SSCs) ‑ whether in-house or outsourced, onshore or offshore ‑ promise a way to achieve all these objectives through a model that is not only effective but also flexible. Even an in-house SSC established ...

  • Perspectives on Life Sciences
    Perspectives on Life Sciences
    This issue covers topics like the reform of the UK NHS, Market Access, Shared Service Centers in Pharma, Procurement / Commodity Packs, Talent Management in the Life Sciences Industries, to just mention a few.The recent UK Government white paper on NHS reforms highlights an increased focus on outcomes and an increase in patient control over their health decisions. This change creates some interesting challenges for pharmaceutical companies – with an increased need to demonstrate value, potentially less predictable prescribing patterns, and possibly more opportunities for companies to contribute information and education to patients. While only the UK is directly impacted at present, many other countries look to the UK health service when making their own arrangements.

  • Trends und Strategien in der Logistik und im Supply Chain Management 2013
    Trends und Strategien in der Logistik und im Supply Chain Management 2013
    Vor über 20 Jahren initiierte der BVL eine Studie über Logistik Trends , und ihre Auswirkungen auf die globale Logistik Umwelt. Im Laufe der Zeit wurde diese Studie eine zunehmend verlässliche Informationsquelle für die Beurteilung der aktuellen Planung und Prioritätensetzung künftiger strategischer Pläne, Benchmarking Ansätzen, Gap-Analysen und eine Grundlage für den Dialog und die Diskussion in der Logistik-Community.Da Deutschland die Logistikbranche weltweit ausgebaut hat, wurde die Studie nun ihren neuen Anforderungen entsprechend angepasst, um globale Trends und Strategien auch außerhalb der Europäischen Union zu berücksichtigen.

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