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  • Turning signals into profits in the RFID-enabled supply chain

    Auto-ID/RFID provides real-time material flow data. Distinguishing noise from relevant data signals, using these signals to identify supply chain bottlenecks and taking operational advantage of optimization opportunities, will be major prerequisites to supplychain improvement. Supply chains are value networks made up by network nodes (i.e. distribution centers, stores, etc.) which collaborate around material movement events and according to defined service levels and rules. In a real-time world, success depends on both central and local decision making. Whereas supply chains may be centrally governed, distributed control and execution of events are equally important as it is the only practical way to cope with the complexity of a real-time value network.
  • Impacts of Effective Data on Business Innovation and Growth - Chapter Three of a Three-Part Study

    Impacts of Effective Data on Business Innovation and Growth – Chapter Three of a Three-Part Study

    Autor : Sybase, an SAP Company | 30.11.2010
    Despite the incredible sums of money that businesses around the world have invested in Information Technology, the direct correlation between those investments and the financial performance of the business, the productivity of employees, the ability to grow and innovate, and the ability to more accurately plan and forecast, have all eluded senior decision-makers. The University of Texas at Austin in conjunction with the Indian School of Business, and sponsored by Sybase, Inc., set out to address these and related questions.In a study of over 150 Fortune 1000 firms from every major industry or vertical, we explored issues associated entirely with the lifeblood of today’s enterprises: data. The quality of data, the ability for that data to be accessed wherever and whenever it’s needed, and ...
  • abas Business Suite

    abas Business Suite
    Flexible IT-Lösungen für den Mittelstand

    Autor : abas Software AG | 22.07.2009
    Leistungsspektrum der abas Business Suite Umfangreiche Funktionen sind die Basis für die Abbildung Ihrer Unternehmensprozesse. Die abas Business Suite unterstützt Sie dabei optimal in allen Bereichen entlang der Wertschöpfungskette. Von Vertrieb über Kalkulation, Beschaffung oder Produktion bis hin zur Supply-Chain-Abwicklung und Serviceabwicklung haben Sie mit abas alle Prozesse durchgängig und transparent im Griff. Weitere, über die reine ERP-Kernfunktionalität hinausgehende Applikationen, wie z.B. mobile Anwendungen, Webshop, DMS, BI, Feinplanung und Projektmanagement, runden das Leistungsspektrum ab.   CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Absatzplanung Verkauf Disposition Einkauf Fertigung Materialwirtschaft Serviceabwicklung Materialbewertung Kalkulation Finanzbuchhaltung ...
  • Booz & Company

    Supply Chain Management at 21: The Hard Road to Adulthood

    Autor : Booz & Company | 03.03.2004
    Businesses globally invest over $19 billion annually on information technology systems solutions to improve their supply chain performance, yet nearly half of these companies are disappointed with the results, a new study by management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton found. The study indicated that most efforts to improve supply chain efficiency fall short because they do not challenge the fundamental structure of the supply chain, but instead attempt to improve performance within existing limitations, often by installing expensive new technology. CEOs can play a key role in improving the supply chain‒the study found that greater CEO involvement in designing the supply chain strategy brought improved performance.A supply chain is the set of operations and processes that a company uses ...
  • Thumbnail of http://www.competence-site.de/Smarte-Supply-Chains-Die-Antwort-auf-stuermische-Zeiten

    MarketScope for Supply Chain Planning: Process Automation

    Autor : Oracle | 26.06.2009
    SCP capabilities exist along a continuum between process automation and process innovation. The bulk of users and vendors are orientated toward process automation, which is the focus of this MarketScope.
  • The Data Governance Maturity Model

    The Data Governance Maturity Model

    Autor : SAS Institute GmbH | 28.05.2010
    For any organization, the first step to address the quality and value of corporate data is to take an honest assessment of the data management infrastructure. Through the Data Governance Maturity Model, organizations can identify and quantify precisely where they are – and where they can go – to create an environment that can deliver and sustain high-quality information. This paper explores: The major issues of building better data across the enterprise Ways to utilize the existing people, business policies and technology to achieve more effective data quality policies across multiple departments How to determine the maturity of an organization’s data management capabilities –and find a data governance strategy that fits the organization
  • Enhancing Supplier Relationship Management Using SAP SRM

    Enhancing Supplier Relationship Management Using SAP SRM

    Autor : Rheinwerk Verlag | 18.04.2009
    This book gives you a detailed and practical understanding of the essentials of SAP SRM, including its functionality, new product enhancements, and best practices for optimizing this key solution. The author examines how SAP SRM automates processes between sourcing and procurement within the enterprise and across the supply base, thus increasing supply chain visibility, while yielding closedloop insight into global spending.By reading this book, packed with valuable implementation strategies and methodologies, you can greatly enhance your existing supply chain efficiency. In addition, you’ll quickly develop a much deeper understanding of the most critical issues related to SAP SRM upgrades.Using the exclusive tips and tricks, practical examples, and expert analysisof the changes in SAP ...
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