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  • Atos
    Atos 21.11.2019
    SAP Leonardo “IoT truck”
    IoT Truck demonstrates the capabilities of SAP Leonardo technology and is a digital prototype of a truck. A digital model of the truck is created by attaching a variety of sensors that record the state of objects. Information from the sensors is collected and analyzed, and after that recommendations and warnings to prevent emergency situations are generated. In this way, SAP Leonardo offers opportunities for process optimization. SAP Leonardo combines intelligent technologies such as machine learning, the Internet of things, and blockchain. Integration helps optimize processes and resources, as well as stimulate innovation in any division of the company.

  • Einführung von Smart Factories: Deutschland unter den Top 3
    Smart Factories könnten der Weltwirtschaft zusätzlich 1,35 Billionen Euro einbringen. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt die Studie "Smart Factories @ Scale".

  • q-loud-logo_zusatz-grau.png
    Q-loud GmbH 20.11.2019
    Internet der Dinge – IDG Studie 2019 zum Download – IoT ist in den deutschen Unternehmen angekommen
    IoT ist in den deutschen Unternehmen angekommen. Das zeigen etwa die Zahlen der vorliegenden Studie in Bezug auf die umgesetzten IoT-Projekte. Sie haben sich im Vergleich zum Vorjahr mehr als verdoppelt. Erfreulich ist dabei auch, dass das Thema mittlerweile auch im Mittelstand umgesetzt wird.

  • q-loud-logo_zusatz-grau.png
    Q-loud GmbH 20.11.2019
    Thumbnail of https://www.q-loud.de/iot_leitfaden
    Der IoT Leitfaden für Entscheider – Ein fundierter Ratgeber um das eigene Geschäftsmodell in das Internet der Dinge zu bringen – Neue Geschäftspotenziale mit Smart Services
    Dieser Leitfaden bietet wertvolle praktische Hilfe für Unternehmer, die mit ihren Geschäftsmodellen die Chancen des  Internet der Dinge nutzen möchten und müssen. Umfassende Beispiele und Use-Cases zeigen auf, wie Produkt- und Serviceinnovationen realistisch umgesetzt werden können. 

  • Atos
    Atos 18.11.2019
    Thumbnail of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQfCfHhYsfE
    Atos & VMware – Delivering Success for your IoT Journey
    The IoT era has just begun and is set to change the world and the economy in more ways than one. This means IoT solutions are becoming more complex to manage, making Return on Investment (ROI) more challenging and, with larger IoT landscapes operating outside the corporate network, opening up new security risks. The Atos portfolio of Codex Managed IoT services integrates the Pulse IoT Center software from VMware, ensuring that you have a complete set of processes, tools and automation for infrastructure and device management, with support services, metering and billing. This comes wrapped with a Service Level Agreement for your IoT capabilities across the IoT value chain.

  • Consulting with Westernacher : Madalina Dascalescu
    Find out what it is like to work with a consulting company that is 100% owned by the people who work there. Learn more about our lived values and how we deal with a team of more than 600 consultants in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Anantha Shankar shares his story as an SAP Planning & Analytics consultant at Westernacher and his personal view about the perspectives it offers. We are always looking for like-minded new colleagues. Consultants who put their customers at the forefront, project managers who understand and engage their team and business experts who are able and willing to share their knowledge and expertise to grow our business together. Interested? Please contact us for more information https://westernacher-consulting.com/careers/ Linkedin ...

  • Atos
    Atos 14.11.2019
    Join Innovation – Are you interested in improving the global food supply?
    Sybren Negenman, Junior IoT Developer at Atos BTN and Joost van Dalen, Java Developer at Atos BTN are working within the Technology Lab on technologies that improve the global food supply. As a Trainee at Atos you get the chance to contribute with your own ideas. Are you interested in making a real impact? Look at werkenbijatos.nl or job.atos.net for the possibilities.