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  • Engineered HMI Solutions | SPS 2019
    In the field of Human Machine Interfaces, Pepperl+Fuchs is able to create additional mechanical and functional components and to adjust HMI systems that it perfectly fits your application. Visit us at SPS 2019 to discover the possibilities for such a solution!

  • R2300 Multi-Layer Scanner | LiDAR Sensor for Object Perception in 3-D Space
    The R2300 multi-layer scanner offers four scanning layers in only one LiDAR sensor and therefore highly accurate 3-D measurement. Discover the four scanning layers of the sensor and the simplified installation with the switchable and visible pilot laser. Two application examples explain the benefits of the sensor in the application: mounted on an automated guided vehicle for collision avoidance and for rear zone monitoring.

  • Solutions for the Process Industry | SPS 2019
    https://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/solutions Pepperl+Fuchs supports customers in the process industry in new challenges with solutions as individual as you. Visit us at SPS fair 2019 and talk with our experts about your challenges and tasks—we look forward to your visit!

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    Wenn aus Kunden Partner werden | Kundenspezifische Lösungen von Pepperl+Fuchs
    In partnerschaftlicher Zusammenarbeit hat Pepperl+Fuchs mit der Firma montratec eine individuelle Sensorlösung entwickelt. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Lösung und die Zusammenarbeit!

  • 3-D-LiDAR-Sensor | Mehrlagenscanner R2300 | Überblick
    Der Mehrlagenscanner R2300 bietet vier Scanebenen in nur einem LiDAR Sensor und damit eine höhere Zuverlässigkeit bei 3-D-Messungen. Das Teaser-Video gibt einen kurzen Einblick über den 3-D-LiDAR-Sensor mit den wichtigsten Vorteilen und Eigenschaften, wie zum Beispiel dem rotierenden Spiegelwürfel und seinem mechanischen Konzept.

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    Introducing Extended ECOM Product Portfolio | Interview with Roolf Wessels
    https://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/global/en/classid_6696.htm Roolf Wessels, Managing Director at ECOM Instruments GmbH, presents the newest additions to the mobile portfolio from Pepperl+Fuchs: The new instrinsic safe smartphone Smart-Ex® 02, the new feature phone Ex-Handy 10, the video streaming Ex-Camera CUBE 800, the remote speaker microphone RSM-Ex® 01, and finally the Smart-Ex® Watch 01. All mobile devices are certified for the usage in harzardous areas. Addtionally, a new service called "Digital Products and Services" has been released: On this platform, users profit from services ranging from application engineering consulting, customer-specific pre-configuration, and mobile device commissioning to mobile device management. Get a great overview in this video. Social Media ...

  • Smart-Ex® 02 – Smartphone for Hazardous Areas with New Peripherals CUBE 800 and Smart-Ex Watch
    https://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/global/en/Smart-Ex-02.htm — The Smart-Ex® 02 is a complete new development and fully tailored to the market’s requirements. Complemented by new, innovative peripherals such as the intrinsically safe CUBE 800, a thermal image video camera for Zone 1/21, Div. 1 and the explosion-proof Smart-Ex Watch 01 for Zone 2/22, Div. 2, the Smart-Ex 02 accompanies the mobile worker in a wide range of tasks and provides future-proof solutions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/germany/de/Smart-Ex-02.htm — Das komplett neu entwickelte Smart-Ex® 02 ist exakt auf die Anforderungen des Marktes zugeschnitten. Zusammen mit neuer, ...

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