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  • IoT-Lösungen für die Prozessautomation
    https://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/IIoT-for-PA – Industrie 4.0, Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance – Schlagworte, die wir alle kennen. Doch wie lassen sich diese Konzepte in der Prozessautomation in die Praxis umsetzen? Zusammen mit Partnern aus Industrie und IT arbeitet Pepperl+Fuchs daran, wertvolle Zusatzdaten von Sensoren und Aktoren durchgängig verfügbar zu machen, um sie effizient zu nutzen.

  • Atos
    Build a trusted IoT ecosystem for your digital identities security
    At Atos, we understood that the security of connected devices is crucial. That is the reason why we created the Horus IoT Security Suite solution meant to keep your connected equipment safe at all time.

  • IoT Solutions for Process Automation
    ttps://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/IIoT-for-PA – Industry 4.0, Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance—Buzz words that we all know. But how can these concepts be put into practice in process automation? With various partners from IT and industry, Pepperl+Fuchs is working on creating additional communication paths that make valuable information from sensors and actuators available.

  • Teradata GmbH
    Teradata GmbH
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    Volvo Cars
    Volvo Cars: Fueling Innovation with Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things so That Every Volvo is "Designed Around You"

  • SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Telco Executive Connect at AX2018
    Highlights from The Telco Executive Connect – Milan, 22nd October 2018, part of the event Analytics Experience. We've invited a number of telecom executives to talk about innovative use cases based on the power of analytics. From the network analytics to customer journey management. From intelligent advertising & viewer analytics to being relevant in every interaction with customers and predicting next best offer. We had also discussions on how AI will impact communications industry, what is blockchain bringing in the picture and how IoT will be involved in the business. Companies such as Sky UK, Saudi Telecom, Globe Telecom, Turkcell, Cosmote and Vodafone shown how they use analytics and machine learning to improve their operations, marketing and bottom-line. #TomorrowsTelco #AnalyticsX ...

  • Atos
    Connect and Protect Your Industrial Assets
    Industrial Control Systems (ICS) govern many of the things we depend upon - from essential utility systems and nuclear reactors to factory assembly lines, railroads and theme park rides. See how Atos and its market-leading partners utilize machine learning, AI, IoT and analytics to monitor and maintain the security of your industrial assets. Learn how we leverage data from digital and analog sources to proactively identify security threats, prolong asset lifecycles, facilitate better component selection, wisely manage supply chain operations, and to improve management and scheduling of workforce and maintenance.

  • Atos
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    Atos Inspiration Day, Stockholm, October 18, 2018
    A full day of Inspiration and Innovation at Atos Inspiration Day in Stockholm on October 18th. Interesting keynotes and demos in connection to IoT, such as Robotics, Cyber Security and Digital Twin, and more. We thank all participants for joining us and hope that we could inspire everyone to do something different today in order to make a difference tomorrow. If you missed the event, but would like to come next time, let us know and we will keep you posted.

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