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    Impressionen von der DOAG Konferenz 2017

    Autor : OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH | 05.12.2017
    www.opitz-consulting.com OPITZ CONSULTING war im November 2017 mit zahlreichen Fachvorträgen und Show Cases rund um die Digitalisierung sowie mit einer großangelegten Recruiting-Kampagne bei der großen Konferenz der Deutschen Oracle Anwendergruppe (DOAG e. V,) in Nürnberg vertreten.
  • Juniper Networks Makes the Complex Simple with Oracle CPQ Cloud

    Autor : Oracle | 11.06.2018
    Juniper Networks recently added Oracle CPQ Cloud to their Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Maxymiser, and Oracle BlueKai instances. By integrating these marketing and sales tools together, Juniper can scale as its business grows.
  • The Wonderful Company Gains Visibility with Oracle Cloud

    Autor : Oracle | 07.06.2018
    Richard Scheitler, CIO at The Wonderful Company, explains how Oracle Cloud Applications helped them look at their organization more broadly, as opposed to the siloed way in which they had previously.
  • For The Wonderful Company, Emerging Tech is a Key Benefit of Cloud

    Autor : Oracle | 10.05.2018
    The Wonderful Company discusses how moving to a single ERP cloud platform enables it to benefit from emerging technologies like AI and blockchain, and why the firm participated in Oracle's Intelligent Finance research study on cloud productivity.
  • Oracle’s Defense-in-Depth Database Security Controls

    Autor : Oracle | 09.04.2018
    Vipin Samar, Oracle SVP of database security, discusses key data security challenges and Oracle's approach to providing defense-in-depth security with multiple layers of control to protect data on premises and in the cloud.
  • Oracle Data Security Cloud Services Demo

    Autor : Oracle | 23.03.2018
    Michael Mesaros and George Csaba, from Oracle Database Security Product Management, demonstrate key functionalities of the Oracle data security cloud service, including sensitive data discovery, data masking, and audit.
  • Oracle Cloud Security Overview

    Autor : Oracle | 16.03.2018
    Akshay Bhargava, VP of Oracle Cloud Business Group, discusses cloud security challenges and how Oracle addresses security.
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