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  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    3 Reasons of using Smart Insights on Live HANA
    Here are 3 reasons of adopting Smart Insights in your existing SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards by which your business users will be empowered to drill into information themselves: Smart Insights allows viewers to explore data

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    Access SAP HANA records from VS (Visual Studio) Code
    Hi Everyone. Hope everyone doing well. This Blogs will helps you to view and access SAP HANA records from VS (Visual Studio) Code using in Visual Studio Code Extensions. If you are new to Visual

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    [SCP CD v1] – SAP Process Mining by Celonis – Understand and Improve your Processes
    Intro Go beyond estimates and guesswork and subjective, qualitative assessment for full transparency into actual process execution, analyzing all instances and variations, with SAP Process Mining by Celonis. Data-based process discovery and automated visualizations of

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    [SCP CD v1] – SAP Translation Hub
    Intro  Speaking a user’s language is key to going global, but developing UIs and providing documents in multiple languages can be complicated and costly. Join this SAP CP Community Days 2020 session, to learn more

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    Getting Started with Document Translation Service in SAP Cloud Foundry
    Dear Readers, I hope this blog post will be helpful for you to kick-start with Document Translation service in  SAP Cloud Foundry. Document Translation service lets you translate documents of varying lengths using machine translation. It provides a synchronous translation API

  • itelligence AG
    itelligence AG 07.08.2020
    Effizientes Verpacken im SAP EWM: Projekterfahrungen mit it.x-packIT EWM v2.0
    Rund ein Jahr ist vergangen seit dem Produktstart unserer Packtischlösung im SAP EWM, it.x-packIT EWM. Zeit, ein Resümee über die Projekterfolge und Herausforderungen zu ziehen, während die v2.0 bereits ausgerollt ist. Begonnen hat die Erfolgsgeschichte...

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    News from SAP Activate – SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition 2008
    We are pleased to announce the availability of the updates to SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition 2008. This release delivers many updates to the ready-to-run business processes, prescriptive methodology and apps for configuration, testing

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