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  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    SAP S/4HANA Cloud Travel to Reimburse Blog Series – Part 1
    Hello everyone, Welcome to my another Interesting Blog “How to setup Travel to Reimbursement for SAP S/4HANA Cloud” In this blog series i will explain the the business process for travel to reimburse, How any

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    Custom Analytics Applications and Dashboards Tailored for Your Users with SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer
    An Extend Analytics Use Case Extend Analytics is an initiative enabling SAP BusinessObjects BI customers to extend and expand BI, Predictive, and Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud. The heart of the initiative centers around popular

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    Integrate SAP Data Intelligence and S/4HANA Cloud to utilise CDS Views
    SAP Data Intelligence – Building Intelligent, Data Driven Applications SAP Data Intelligence combines powerful data management capabilities for data governance, orchestration, monitoring, pipelining and processing with intelligent machine learning capabilities that cover all stages of

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    Stay in the know with SAP SuccessFactors
    I like how easy it is to stay in the know on the latest updates from SAP SuccessFactors.  If you are not taking advantage of them already, here are my top 2 ways to stay

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    X Marks the Spot: Find What’s New in Newly-Released SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 10
    Ten has always been an obvious sort of number. It has obviously defined decimal number systems throughout time. It’s uncomplicated to multiply and to add. Ancient Egyptians used it as a clear benchmark in hieroglyphic

  • SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
    SAP CPI – Transport Individual IFLOW Using Custom IFLOW
    In this Blog let’s discuss how we can transport individual iflow from source to target tenants using custom iflow by name “SAP_CPI_Transports” Use Case:-   If you do not have CTS+ configured or TMS service

  • itelligence AG
    itelligence AG 02.12.2019
    SAP Manufacturing Suite & Digital Manufacturing Cloud: Der Schlüssel zu einer besseren Produktion – Teil 2
    Wie bereits im ersten Teil meiner Blogserie zum Thema SAP Manufacturing Suite angekündigt, möchte ich in diesem Teil das Thema Digital Manufacturing Cloud erläutern. Digital Manufacturing Cloud – Was macht sie anders? Nun bleibt noch...

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