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    AEB SE 22.10.2020
    UK export declarations made easy with customs software from AEB
    Companies need to manage electronic customs declaration for exports from the UK to the EU starting January 2021. The easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF from AEB is the perfect solution, enabling you to easily submit export declarations and monitor your UK customs status. https://shop.aeb.com/ https://www.aeb.com/uk-en/customs-after-brexit/customs-software.php

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    AEB SE 16.10.2020
    Zollsoftware für ATLAS Ausfuhr: Ausfuhren beim Zoll automatisiert anmelden
    Sie möchten Ausfuhren über das ATLAS Verfahren mit einer Zollsoftware abwickeln? Die AEB Zollsoftware Export Filing: ATLAS leistet genau das. Erleben Sie, wie die ATLAS Zollsoftware Ihre Anmeldungen für ATLAS Ausfuhr beim deutschen Zoll bis zu 100 % automatisiert. Wir zeigen, wie ... ... die Zollsoftware Sie mit Vorlagen für Ausfuhranmeldung entlastet ... intelligente Eingabeführung die Sicherheit Ihres Export Managements erhöht ... die Zollsoftware Ihnen Transparenz über den Status jeder einzelnen Ausfuhranmeldung bietet … die Software für ATLAS Ausfuhr Sie bei der Unterlagencodierung unterstützt … die AEB Zollsoftware mittels API und Plug-ins in Ihre Systeme integriert werden kann www.aeb.com/atlas-ausfuhr

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    AEB SE 14.10.2020
    Processing export declarations with Export Filing: CHIEF using the easy and advanced mode
    Get to know in detail how export declarations are processed in Export Filing: CHIEF using the easy and advanced mode

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    Expanded Automated Distribution Center Increases Capacity for Phoenix Contact
    Phoenix Contact worked with viastore to expand their automated systems to increase capacity across all levels of operations: receiving, storage and retrieval, pick/pack and shipping.

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    AEB SE 08.10.2020
    Getting to know the easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF
    See how convenient export processing from the UK can be by using the easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF

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    AEB SE 05.10.2020
    Explained by AEB experts in one minute: Software ROI
    Managing data successfully is a key driver for supply chain success. From end to end – from procurement to fulfilment. From warehouse and shipping to compliance and customs. Hazel Parkinson explains what it takes.

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    AEB SE 03.10.2020
    Explained by AEB experts in one minute: Slashing broker costs
    Customs brokers play an important role in global trade. But cross-border efficiency relies on IT-supported, integrated supply chains. Iqubal Singh Pannu explains how AEB customs solutions can remove costs for businesses.

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