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  • Robert Clara
    Sitecore: Interview mit CEO Michael Seifert
    Michael Seifert, CEO beim dänischen Web-Analyse-Anbieter Sitecore erklärt im Interview mit dem E-Commerce-Magazin, warum die Verbindung von Web-Analyse-und Marketing-Automation für Unternehmen einen besonderen Marketing-Mehrwert bieten könnte.

  • You Can’t Be Marketing Without SMS: 5 Successful Use Cases
    SMS messaging is now one of the most ubiquitous forms of communication on the planet. This week, at Aprimo’s Marketing Summit, myself, my colleague, Nick Tomasetti, and Aprimo partner Extraprise took the stage to explain to our customers why SMS is important, how to use it, how to execute it using Aprimo Marketing Studio On Demand, and the best methods to manage SMS campaigns. So, exactly how ubiquitous is SMS? Researchers estimate that in 2011, some eight trillion SMS messages were sent. In fact, close to 200,000 texts are now transmitted every second. What’s more, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) reports that virtually all (97percent) of SMS messages are opened –and a whopping 83 percent of those are opened within the first hour. But even so, many marketers completely overlook ...

  • Optimizing Email Campaigns for Mobile Devices
    Woody Allen once observed that relationships are like sharks. They have to keep moving or they die. Of course, the same could be said about optimizing email campaigns for mobile devices –pads, pods, tablets, smartphones, etc.  Technologies change, as do customers’ uses and expectations of them. So, how you transmit email messages, what information those messages contain, when they arrive, what they look like when they arrive –all these criteria (and more) now factor into whether your customers will continue to be your customers. And, you have to stay nimble, changing as your customers’ preferences change. (Or as Woody Allen might describe it, you have to keep moving, so those relationships don’t die.) Every marketer knows that staying agile is difficult. But remember, losing customers ...

  • Updating Live Events with Today’s Digital Channels
    While at the Aprimo Marketing Summit a few weeks ago, the Aprimo team had some fun posting updates on Twitter and publishing photos and news both here on our blog and on our Facebook page. It was Aprimo’s way of combining the “traditional” (our annual live event) with the “digital” (a mix of digital channels) –and our efforts in this area are a clear harbinger of things to come.  In its recent study; “Hybrid Events – Innocation Tred in Live-Marketing,”  Vok Dams predicts, “In the future, no event will be successful unless it involves social media.” Tweeting, live blogging and news worthy updates are effective ways to generate highly personalized interactions with customers and prospects, but I’d take that Vok Dams’ prediction even a step further. Successful live events will continue to ...

  • Marketing Automation Innovation: Top Challenges for Marketers and Vendors
    When I talk to marketers today, I sense a growing optimism. Sure, the digital revolution has rocked the industry to its core. But most colleagues seem to have made peace with the idea of transformational change. “We’ll get there,” they say, no longer breathless at the prospect. On the one hand, this acceptance is wonderful. I see lots of momentum, progress and a desire to improve by implementing integrated marketing management (IMM) and marketing automation solutions. On the other hand, though, it worries me a bit.  Are we truly ready for the future of marketing automation?  Or are marketers just dipping their toes in the water, and then feeling satisfied because at least they tried something new? Frankly, I’m concerned marketers may not be ready to move onto the next “big thing” when so ...

  • Hulu Offers New Opportunities to Engage With Viewers
    Online video giant Hulu just unveiled a wide new array of web programming, complete with big names who wield lots of star power clout, including SNL’s Seth Myers and Adrian Grenier of “Entourage.” These original “TV” shows, made to be viewed online, are probably just the tip of the antenna, so to speak – considering the reported $500 million that Hulu plans to spend developing content this year.  It seems like the market is ready for this type of investment.In February alone, Americans watched 2.5 billion videos on Hulu, which the company calculates to be 1,000 videos a second. So, keep your eye on this channel. After all, it was only a few months ago when a Forrester research report showed that the average Joe Viewer spends just as much time surfing the web as surfing channels on TV, ...

  • The Value of “Open” in Today’s Digital Marketing Ecosystem
      The rapid emergence of new digital touch points in the last few years, including social and mobile channels, provides unlimited opportunities to connect with your customers, partners and employees. These touch points can also provide a method for gathering customer intelligence to improve the relevance and effectiveness of digital marketing.  Whether serving customers an engaging, timely shopping experience or providing marketers with relevant contacts and content at the right moment, the digital opportunity is exploding, but leveraging it can be challenging and overwhelming. Enter Webtrends. We provide the cornerstone for understanding all your data from disparate channels in one central location within Webtrends Analytics 10, the industry’s most powerful platform for digital analytics ...

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