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  • ec4u expert consulting ag
    ec4u expert consulting ag Principal Consultant
    ec4u expert consulting ag
    Sylvia von Rönn
    Yoga, Laufen, Social Media, Kochen und gutes Essen, Animation und Reisen

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    Magister Torsten Kusmanow
    Senior Advisor. - Digital Expert. Digital Leader. Digital Innovator. Digital Transformation is more as an agile process. Change in management and in organisations are realy necessary, to become a digital and customer focused leader as a company in global oriented markets. As an Expert for transformation processes and projects, I am working permanent on ideas to find the right digital strategy for companies. I deliver marketing and sales solutions which are focused on customer journey and customer engagement processes. I am open for all industries. In the past I worked for Banks, Finance & Insurance Companies, Automotive, Energy companies and Tech Industries.

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