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  • Workforce and Succession Planning in Government Reshaping Outdated Models & Upgrading Obsolete Tools
    The steadily retiring workforce has made workforce and succession planning a high priority for federal leaders. Cornerstone and HCMG were joined for an intimate fireside chat with Roland Edwards, Deputy CHCO at the Department of Homeland Security. Roland shared some of the challenges with transitioning away from legacy systems, as well as how he engages in clear and effective workforce leadership development. Specifically, you will hear: • How to get buy-in for any process or system upgrades • Tips on implementation • How to measure the success of a talent management solution

  • Convergence EMEA 2018 Opening Keynote – Adam Miller
    At this year’s Cornerstone Convergence event, our CEO Adam Miller’s keynote speech addressed the need for companies to upskill their workforce to keep up with the latest innovations in technology. He discussed how the world is innovating at a fast pace. New technologies are constantly arising, with the likes of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning going from terms that were only used in sci-fi films and literature to technologies that are now used daily in a multitude of industries. They are quickly becoming a reality and they are also having a challenging effect on our workforce.

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    Next Generation Framework for Recruiting in the Digital Age
    As the global job market continues to shift and the demand for new skills grows, so does the need to think more strategically about how we attract and engage the best and brightest. Hear from Cornerstone and SmashFly as they provide insights into how organizations can strengthen their existing talent pools while identifying new ways to attract top talent.

  • Office Hours: Are Degrees More Important Than Skills and Competencies?
    Learn more at Cornerstone: https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/rework Cornerstone’s "Office Hours" video series features quick career, workplace and leadership tips from talent management experts and business leaders from across the globe.

  • CVlizer pro: Arbeitserleichterungen für Recruiter durch automatische Datenerkennung
    Das Recruiting neuer Mitarbeiter wird immer komplexer. Deshalb ist es sinnvoll, mit Hilfe von moderner Technik wiederkehrende Arbeitsabläufe zu automatisieren, um mehr Zeit für die Formulierung der Stellenausschreibung und die Personalauswahl zu haben. Der CVlizer pro hilft Zeit zu sparen, indem er die eingehenden Bewerbungen automatisch erfasst und strukturiert.

  • perbit Software GmbH
    Personalkosten: Planungssicherheit für den HR-Bereich und für das ganze Unternehmen
    Wie lassen sich die Personalkosten nachhaltig senken? Diese Frage ist von dauerhafter Relevanz für mittelständische Unternehmen. Gerade in Zeiten zunehmenden Wettbewerbsdrucks geht es darum, Einsparpotenziale zu erkennen und unnötige Kosten zu minimieren, um die frei gewordenen Gelder in wichtige Maßnahmen zu investieren, beispielsweise in Recruiting und Weiterbildung.

  • Convergence EMEA 2018 Highlights
    Check out all the learning, inspiration, networking and fun had at Cornerstone Convergence EMEA 2018

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