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  • Atos
    Build a trusted IoT ecosystem for your digital identities security
    At Atos, we understood that the security of connected devices is crucial. That is the reason why we created the Horus IoT Security Suite solution meant to keep your connected equipment safe at all time.

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    SecureLink Germany auf der it-sa 2018
    Wir blicken wieder auf eine tolle it-sa 2018, mit großartigen Gesprächen, neuen Kontakten und nützlichen Erkenntnissen, zurück.

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    Die unterschätzten Security-Gefahren (Hidden Threats) im digitalen Zeitalter – Antworten vom Pionier des Valleys!
    Eigentlich müssten wir beim Thema Security über die vielen Jahre der Bedrohungen einen Reifegrad erreicht haben, dass eine weitere Thematisierung nicht mehr notwendig ist. Es scheint aber, dass die „exponentielle“ Entstehungsgeschwindigkeit laufend neuer Bedrohungsszenarien und die Komplexität des Themas viele Entscheider so überfordert, dass vor allem bei den blinden Flecken im Security-Netzwerk wie Druckern und anderen Endpunkten oft ein offenes Einfalltor bleibt. Der Fall Google Plus hat gezeigt, wie radikal die Konsequenzen für Unternehmen bei Sicherheitsmängeln sein können. U.a. der letzte Datenschutz-Skandal hat hier das Aus dieses „Adventures“ von Google beschleunigt.

  • PA Consulting Group
    PA Consulting Group
    Sparkler: Front-end innovation | PA Consulting at Innovation Roundtable Summit 2018
    Meet Claire from Sparkler at the PA stand during Innovation Roundtable Summit. She talks to us about their approach to consumer research and strategy. ----- Sparkler, part of PA Consulting, is a digital insight and strategy agency. It was set up to help businesses understand and exploit the complex interplay between consumers, brands and the digital world. Sparkler: • worked with Horizon Media to create a mood based audio planning tool for iHeartRadio.com, the project won an Adweek Isaac Award, • predicted that friendship media would be the next big youth phenomenon, when Facebook had only just launched, • recently unveiled findings from their innovative Brainbank Experiment. This study sheds new light on consumers relationships with brands. Four core services: • Research and insight ...

  • Oracle
    Hospital Santa Paula Explains Why They Chose Oracle IaaS and PaaS
    With the contract of Oracle IaaS solution, Hospital Santa Paula has been able to reach all of its goals of high availability, user information security, as well as reducing time and costs.

  • Oracle
    Oracle Cloud Platform Strategy and Roadmap: Amit Zavery at Oracle OpenWorld 2018
    Learn about the strategy and vision for Oracle’s comprehensive PaaS solutions. See demonstrations of some of the new capabilities built into Oracle Cloud Platform including a trust fabric and data science platform. Hear how Oracle’s application development, integration, systems management, and security solutions leverage artificial intelligence to drive cost savings and operational efficiency for hybrid and multicloud ecosystems. Watch Oracle Executive Vice President Fusion Middleware and PaaS Development Amit Zavery share more in his general session at Oracle OpenWorld 2018. Discover your tomorrow, today at http://www.oracle.com/openworld

  • Atos
    Connect and Protect Your Industrial Assets
    Industrial Control Systems (ICS) govern many of the things we depend upon - from essential utility systems and nuclear reactors to factory assembly lines, railroads and theme park rides. See how Atos and its market-leading partners utilize machine learning, AI, IoT and analytics to monitor and maintain the security of your industrial assets. Learn how we leverage data from digital and analog sources to proactively identify security threats, prolong asset lifecycles, facilitate better component selection, wisely manage supply chain operations, and to improve management and scheduling of workforce and maintenance.

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