Veröffentlicht am 12.10.2018

A new automated high bay warehouse was constructed for the company Greiner Bio-One. The mechanics and controls were implemented by Aberle and the SAP solution were implemented by inconso. The company Greiner Bio-One increased its storage performance fivefold. This video gives you an exclusive glimpse into the new high bay warehouse of Greiner Bio-One, covering the following: - Goods Receiving directly into the SAP system - Pallet dimensions and damage inspection - Central conveyor line to the high bay warehouse - Contour check and scan - Double-deep storage - Stacker cranes with camera systems - Visualization with Aberle PMS-V - Store-out using vertical conveyors - SAP-based warehouse management and material flow solution - Manual picking station - Staging for shipping Follow this link for further information about inconso with SAP logistics solutions: Find out more about Körber Logistics Systems at a glance: