When virtualization happens in a bubble, it's your ROI that pops.

In a new white paper, learn how bridging the physical/virtual gap can give you back virtualization's real ROI.

Chances are you brought in VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V to save money. So what happened?

As IT departments with virtual deployments grow, they tend to hit a ceiling. Yes, you can manage your physical machines with automation. But up until now, virtual machines have needed costly expert attention for even the most menial housekeeping tasks.

Now, in a new white paper, “Automated Virtualization: Intelligent Service Automation for Physical and Virtual Environments,” you'll read about a new kind of total management integration for virtual and physical machines. Now, even virtual-only tasks are automatically executed according to your rules—no specialists needed—so you can cut daily IT housekeeping time up to 50%.

In the white paper, you'll learn how you can provision virtual machines, bring them into your overall IT housekeeping setup, and define rules to trigger dynamic VM:
  • Cloning and CPU/memory addition
  • Snapshot creation
  • Backup
  • Power on/off, suspend, and standby
  • Event-based handling of errors, warnings, and thresholds
...all done exactly when your processes (such as Payroll processes) need them.

This white paper represents a stunning breakthrough in automation consolidation. For the first time, it's as easy (and automatic) to control and back up virtual machines as it is physical ones.

So all those savings from adopting virtualization? You'll be seeing them again—and then some. Download your copy of the white paper now.


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