Veröffentlicht am 18.09.2015

Digitalization, Industrial Internet, IoT … – are they the panacea for the new quality and level of value creation we are all longing for? Not at all, they are only enablers for the change we need, but they do not give us a new framework of value creation. Sometimes focusing on the digital tools will let us forget the goal and the right direction. For the new value creation we need beyond the pieces and single insides a real new logic of the #NextEconomy. The “Service-Dominant Logic” of #NextMarketing and the “Evolutionary Logic” of #NextOrganization are – among others - good starting points for it. They change our understanding of economy fundamentally. Value creation is no longer associated with the old “material” concepts as “goods”, “production” and “departments” (and hierarchies!), but with “service”, “holistic work”, “ecosystems” and “teams” (and self-management!).


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