Veröffentlicht am 05.06.2019

Interruptions in production are a major problem for manufacturers. They often arise from inconsistencies in processes that affect raw material availability. The journey from warehouse to the assembly line is particularly important. In lean and optimized manufacturing systems, disruptions in material supply result in missing parts and higher costs. Inappropriate or deficient system settings as well as sudden breaks or bottlenecks in preceding processes are common causes, and they are seldom detected or are identified too late. There may be a lack of transparency across the value chain due to disconnected processes and system silos. For material supply, reaction time to failures is critical. However, if real-time data from interdependent processes is neither gathered nor evaluated systematically, or if IoT data is available but neglected, reaction time to failures will be slow and costly. BearingPoint’s Digital Twin of the Process supports manufacturers in integrating process information in real-time to reduce inventory cost and to minimize uncertainty and risk.