Veröffentlicht am 18.01.2017

Recently, the authors spoke together at a large Internet of Things (IoT) event in Europe. As is often the case, the primary focus of the sessions was on the key enabling technologies of the IoT, alongside the process efficiencies and cost savings that significant implementations are bestowing on the sectors most exposed to the opportunity; for example, manufacturing, logistics, and to an extent, retail.
With this finding in mind, we chose to rethink our planned presentation – which had been about the impact of data on the evolution of connected vehicles. We explored instead the frictions imposed on the arrival of a more credible, mature IoT market by the profound challenges of identifying and articulating the radically new forms of end customer value that will inform the huge investments typically required; strategic investments that may well take 5 to 10 years to achieve commercial benefits for the enterprise.
This was not a light-hearted session. The majority of our audience was in attendance to discuss what we might call, in strategic terms, “the how, the when and the where”. Our insistence on, instead, “the who, the what and, above all, the why” – the imperative of moving beyond the relatively obvious efficiencies introduced by any viable digital transformation, to understand, evaluate and commit to the models of value in IoT that will deliver true growth – was clearly something
of a shock.
Nevertheless, our argument, prepared loosely and only hours earlier, unfolded with a conviction and a clarity that we felt demanded a more formal explanation.


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