Prof. Dr. Herbert J. Kellner is President and CEO of ITD International and United States Online University (USOU). He holds advanced degrees in psychology and communications from both German and American universities. Dr. Kellner served as Professor of Communications at Clayton University, established by faculty of Harvard University. At New York University he held a Professorship in Management. He was also Professor of Continuing Education for Pepperdine University. In 2000 he resigned from Pepperdine University to devote his energies full time to running ITD International, a Consulting & Digital Media Company, and United States Online University (USOU).

Dr. Kellner is the author of ten books in the field of Human Resource Development and Research Author of Creating Your Future (Co-Authors include: Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. Billy Graham, Art Linkletter, Dr. Betty Youngs and Zig Ziglar). He produced more than one hundred video training programs for clients worldwide, including several Fortune 100 companies. A panel of highly regarded producers and the editorial staff of the AV Video & Multimedia Producer Magazine have selected him twice as one of the Top 100 Producers in the US.

Dr. Kellner pioneered competency research and development in Europe and created the highly acclaimed and award winning STAR Competency Assessment Series that sold over 1 million copies worldwide. He also produced the Job Contender with the following top coaches: Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Jim Cathcart, Darren Hardy, Harvey Mackay, Sarita Maybin, Jan Ruhe, Brian Tracy, and Chris Widener.

Dr. Kellner has been honored for his Excellence in Human Resources Development Research by the International Academy of Sciences of San Marino and was the recipient of the Professional Contribution Award from ATD, The Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) and the European Award of Masters for Innovation. His personal interests are in scuba diving and sailing. In 1987, he sailed with his wife and daughter on a 38′ sailboat from Germany to California. Five years later, they proudly became American citizens.

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