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  • Rockwell Automation
    Rockwell Automation
    Technology Showcase at TechED 2019
    Many innovative technologies were shared at the 2019 Rockwell Automation TechED and some were even demonstrated. Watch these technology experts illustrate how some of our digital engineering solutions can add value in real world scenarios. This demo shows how Emulate3D can simulate a complete plant design and how easy Vuforia, powered by PTC, can make machine maintenance and support possible.

  • salesforce.com
    Salesforce for Marketing Engagement Reimagined for Today’s Connected Customer
    Marketing needs to deliver AI-powered, real-time experiences to meet customer expectations and leapfrog the competition. Join Matt Tippets, VP of Product Strategy, and other Salesforce executives, along with trailblazers from The Brain Tumour Charity, Michael Page, and Indiana Fever (Pacers Sports & Entertainment) to see how Salesforce is launching the next evolution of marketing to truly deliver on the single view of the customer for both insight and engagement.

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    Ingentis live at SuccessConnect
    Ingentis live at SuccessConnect

  • microTOOL GmbH
    microTOOL GmbH
    Sprint Planning One and Two using LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) with objectiF RPM
    This video demonstrates the traceability of backlog items from the product backlog to sprint backlog with objectiF RPM - the software solution for integrated requirements engineering and project management. In Large Scale Scrum (LeSS for short) by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde a joint product backlog is managed by a product owner in coordination with representatives of all teams. objectiF RPM offers ideal support for this approach. In the product backlog, backlog items are prioritized, ranked, sorted by status, refined and related to each other. This facilitates the transition to Sprint Planning One. Together with team representatives, the product owner can then create team backlogs from the release backlog . Items are simply dragged and dropped. Items can also be assigned in this way to ...

  • Atos
    Tech a minute video: ethics and privacy implications of perceptive media
    By 2022, we will see greatly enhanced interactivity and immersivity and what we might call emotionally aware content using insights gained from both user behavior and social media. Extreme personalization can allow for ever greater user targeting. But this has important implications in terms of privacy and ethics. How much can or should media companies know about you? That’s the question we asked our expert Paul Moore, Head of Innovation Media Market.

  • Digitalisierung im Einzelhandel am Beispiel s.Oliver – Webinar
    ► So werden digitale Kundenkanäle aufeinander abgestimmt Am Puls der Zeit - wie s.Oliver mit der Umsetzung digitaler Trends anspruchsvolle Kunden begeistert Im Einzelhandel – besonders, wenn es um Bekleidung geht - gibt es ganz eigene „Spielregeln“ zwischen den Händlern und der Kundschaft. Letztere sind geprägt von hohen Ansprüchen an die Art der Angebotsunterbreitung, an eine stete Aktualität und durchgängige Mobilität. Diese Ansprüche gilt es, über die gesamte Customer Journey zu erfüllen - trotz hoher Dynamik und Komplexität der Produkte. Die Bekleidungsbranche unterliegt hierbei ganz speziellen Herausforderungen: Mehrmals im Jahr muss der gesamte Onlineauftritt angepasst werden - an die aktuelle Saison, an die trendigen Farben, an die angesagten Kleidungsstücke. Die Anpassungen ...

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    Keynote Digital Xchange 2019 – Konferenz am 25.05.2019
    Impulsvortrag von Achim Berg, Präsident BITKOM. Weitere Informationen zum Event 2019 an der TH Köln, Campus Gummersbach unter https://digital-xchange.de