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    Tolles Fazit. Deckt sich mit…
    Tolles Fazit. Deckt sich mit meinen Erfahrungen in der Vergangenheit auf einigen der früheren Veranstaltungen. Show und Marketing auch beim Akquise Ansatz wird brilliant... https://www.crm-tech.world/weekly-news/salesforce-dreamforce-19-wer-wissen-will-was-es-neues-gibt/ …

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    Callcenter und CRM wurde soeben…
    Callcenter und CRM wurde soeben publiziert! https://paper.li/f-1328875170?edition_id=39ef0220-1757-11ea-9789-002590a5ba2d … #customerexperience #cx

  • Grutzeck-Software – der neuste…
    Grutzeck-Software - der neuste Testsieger bei ProvenExpert Vielfältige #CRM Projekte, durchdachter Marketingerfolg und mehr Fortschritt in der gesamten Customer Journey. Dafür steht Grutzeck-Software. Mehr ... https://www.grutzeck.de/de/aktuelles/grutzeck-software-der-neuste-testsieger-bei-provenexpert … <- Klick pic.twitter.com/AY2poaXcQR

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    Das musste (mal wieder) gesagt…
    Das musste (mal wieder) gesagt und geschrieben werden. Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt, egal ob als Kundenzentrierung oder Customer Centricity. Wichtig genug für den Deutschen Marketing Verband, Wichtig genug für das CRM Forum und schon immer wichtig beim... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/crm-zwischen-bekannten-visionen-und-realer-praxis-von-ralf-korb …

  • salesforce.com
    salesforce.com 05.12.2019
    Live Demo – Inspire Trust with Mortgage Innovation for Financial Services Cloud
    See a live demo of how lenders can inspire trust and deepen relationships during one of the biggest financial transactions in a customers life.

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    artegic AG 04.12.2019
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    Email Client Development
    Email marketing is and remains one of the most efficient and promising channels through which companies communicate with prospects and customers. The email landscape is constantly changing: new clients and operating systems are emerging, existing ones are changing and expanding, others are disappearing. The fluctuation on the market and the rapid changes in the various ... The post Email Client Development appeared first on artegic AG The Marketing Engineers Blog.

  • SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Institute GmbH 04.12.2019
    Fraud in Five | How Global Partnerships and Alliances Helps SAS Fight Fraud Across Borders
    Vice President of Fraud & Security Intelligence Stu Bradley and Fraud Global Alliance Manager Brian O’Rourke discuss the importance of SAS partnerships and expanding networks to fighting global financial crime. Topics discussed include SAS and Accenture’s joint Center of Excellence. How SAS and ThreatMetrix are building a digital hub of data and information. And SAS’ partnership with Citi and EY to develop a trade-based anti-money laundering program. And more… Interview Outline 00:42 – Partners are critical to our success. Can you highlight our strategy for how we are engaging with our partner community? 01:25 – Let’s start with systems integrators. Can you explain our opportunity with Accenture in which we are partnering on a joint situational awareness Center of Excellence (CoE) in ...

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