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  • Chinese TV-Team visiting my…
    Chinese TV-Team visiting my office for an interview on Sino-German business issues #China #Deutschland #Germany #HiddenChampions pic.twitter.com/T9UMy739Xg

  • We’re proud to announce that the…
    We’re proud to announce that the Swiss business magazine Bilanz has published its ranking of the best #consulting firms in Switzerland, and Simon-Kucher & Partners placed first in the #marketing and #sales category. Find out more here: http://ow.ly/KwB050m67fT  pic.twitter.com/rDCbZ3huNB

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    At World Business Dialogue with…
    At World Business Dialogue with "Master of Ceremony" Daniel Ramamoorthy. This video went totally crazy. @worldbusinessdialogue #Köln pic.twitter.com/N7HrjIeVFr

  • In operations room at n-tv with…
    In operations room at n-tv with chief editor economics & business Ulrich Reitz. pic.twitter.com/2cWwtyXQQZ

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    Who is the leading business…
    Who is the leading business scientist in history? Philip Kotler with a Hirsch-index of 163 (rank 217), second is Michael Porter with an index of 159 (rank 275). Across all disciplines Sigmund Freud is No. 3. Karl Marx is No. 177 (h-index 168) Congratulations to Phil and Michael.

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    Topline growth in the digital age
    "Growth in the digital age is defined not by technology, but by culture", says Mark Billige. "And this is fundamentally redefining how we do business and our relationship with the customer." Mark Billige, Board Member and UK Managing Partner (https://www.linkedin.com/in/billigem/), discusses the importance of digitalisation as a cultural rather than technological phenomena, and the monetisation impact this has for businesses. Want to explore this topic in more depth? Read our blog on 'Topline growth in the digital age': https://www.simon-kucher.com/en/blog/top-line-growth-digital-age

  • #NextMarketing/CRM – am 28.3.2019, Initiative und Vorregistrierung zum Event
    Event Frühjahr 2019 und weitere Maßnahmen.... #NextCRM/Marketing ist dabei Teil von #NextAct!,der Meta-Initiative für alle Handlungsbereiche in Unternehmen (Strategie, Marketing, HR, IT, …). Startpunkt dieser Aktivitäten war das Next Act!-Event am 19. Februar (2016) in Köln. Ein Klick reicht für den Anfang. Institutionalisierte Partner sind natürlich besonders willkommen!