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  • Oracle
    Oracle 09.12.2019
    Smart Cities: Harness the power of your data
    Oracle helps city leaders harness the power of their data, creating Smart Cities where innovation can thrive, existing technology is leveraged, and information is shared. See your data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities.

  • Oracle
    Oracle 07.12.2019
    UAP Transforms Higher Education with Oracle Cloud
    Universidad Alas Peru is the first 100% cloud campus delivering 5X lower tuition costs using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, ERP, and HCM, for faster data integration, more budget control, and reduced payroll processing from one day to one hour.

  • Oracle
    Oracle 28.11.2019
    The Fedcap Group Empowers HR and Finance Using Oracle Cloud
    The Fedcap Group is focused on being a data-driven not-for-profit. CEO Christine McMahon speaks to the importance of a unified enterprise platform and how HR and finance are leveraging Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud to drive efficiencies.

  • Oracle
    Oracle 24.11.2019
    Precision Group Brings On the Oracle Cloud
    Precision Group's CIO explains how this leading manufacturer is using Oracle Manufacturing Cloud to modernize their systems and increase efficiency, flexibility, and end-to-end visibility into their manufacturing and supply chain operations.

  • Oracle
    Oracle 23.11.2019
    Oracle and Aarav can help maximize your return on investment
    Raj Darji, Founder and CEO of Aarav Solutions, and board member David Cook discuss how Oracle products and Aarav's expertise enable clients to quickly reap the benefits of Oracle Cloud, maximizing return on investment as they transform their company.

  • Oracle
    Oracle 16.11.2019
    Oracle HCM Cloud—2019 Fall Update
    See how Oracle HCM Cloud is focusing on creating human experiences and strengthening business agility to achieve one goal: Work Made Human.

  • Oracle
    Oracle 14.11.2019
    Six times faster implementation with ODA
    CISTEC minimized network latency and reduced implementation time by the factor of 6x with Oracle Database Appliance as a solution in a box for their clinical software solution KISIM.

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