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  • Oracle
    Oracle 15.07.2020
    AI helps you predict your supply chain’s future
    Discover how Oracle's artificial intelligence embedded in prebuilt supply chain and IoT applications lets you estimate product quality and yield, maximize asset uptime, predict machine failures, and optimize order fulfillment.

  • 42ab8879733f16fdc9492c1cafba4821.jpeg
    Tim Cole 14.07.2020
    Fibocom Launches New Affordable 5G Module
    Fibocom, a leading global provider of IoT wireless solution and wireless communication modules, announces the release of the new 5G wireless module FG650 powered by Unisoc’s V510. The post Fibocom Launches New Affordable 5G Module appeared first on SMART INDUSTRY.

  • itelligence AG
    itelligence AG 13.07.2020
    Teil 1: IoT (Internet of Things) – Fluch oder Segen?
    Der Begriff „Internet of Things“, (Internet der Dinge) Kurzform: IoT) ist ein Sammelbegriff für unterschiedliche Technologien einer globalen Infrastruktur die es ermöglicht, technische Geräte (Kühlschränke, Motoren, Smart Home, Connected Cars, Bewegungs-Tracker, Roboter, Zutrittskontrollen, etc.) miteinander...

  • Rittal GmbH & Co. KG
    IoT Interface Herstellen der Verbindung
    Bei Geräten der Serie Blue e+ mit DHCP: - IP-Adresse am Display ablesen - Anmelden am IoT Interface Bei Kühlgeräten mit eComfort-Controller mit DHCP: - USB-Verbindung herstellen - USB-Treiber installieren und COM-Port bestimmen - Verbindung über das Hilfsprogramm PuTTY herstellen - Einsehen der IP-Adresse - Anmelden am ioT Interface Netzwerkverbindung ohne DHCP - Spannungsversorgung herstellen - Ethernetverbindung herstellen - IP-Adresse des Computers ändern - Anmelden am IoT Interface

  • 42ab8879733f16fdc9492c1cafba4821.jpeg
    Tim Cole 13.07.2020
    Microsoft Acquires CyberX to Accelerate and Secure Customers’ IoT Deployments
    One of the biggest hurdles for IoT-customers is securing their remote devices – both for new digitization initiatives as well as for legacy Operational Technology and industrial control system environments. The post Microsoft Acquires CyberX to Accelerate and Secure Customers’ IoT Deployments appeared first on SMART INDUSTRY.

  • Rittal GmbH & Co. KG
    IoT Interface Durchführen eines Firmware Updates
    Download des Software Updates Firmware-Update über Webserver Firmware-Update über FTP

  • SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Institute GmbH 09.07.2020
    SAS Institute GmbH
    PRESENCE | Convergence of Art and Science
    Beehives on the SAS Campus and outfitted with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, stream data about hive activity using SAS Event Stream Processing (ESP) to create a stunning visual display in the interactive sculpture piece Presence. As a leader in corporate responsibility, SAS is working to help study and find new ways to save honeybee populations around the world. Data collected from our hives is streamed to the cloud using SAS ESP to measure hive activity at the point of creation. These data are combined using SAS Access and PROC SQL and cleansed using SAS Data Management to make the data useable for the sculpture. Monitoring beehive health with hive-streaming data show how IoT technology can be put to innovative use. SAS for IoT Analytic Solutions empower organizations to create and ...

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