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    Tim Cole 03.07.2020
    BICS and Avnet Silica Accelerate Global IoT Deployment
    BICS, an international communications enabler, has joined forces with technology solutions provider, Avnet Silica, to deliver IoT connectivity to OEMs, devices and applications. The post BICS and Avnet Silica Accelerate Global IoT Deployment appeared first on SMART INDUSTRY.

  • Comarch AG
    Comarch AG 02.07.2020
    Comarch AG
    Comarch ERP Retail Showroom
    Dank IoT und modernster Technologie können Einzelhändler heutzutage ihre Kunden noch gezielter ansprechen und mit personalisierten Angeboten überraschen. Das sichert einen langfristigen Wettbewerbsvorteil. Mehr zum Comarch Lösungsportfolio für den Einzelhandel unter https://www.comarch.de/branchen/software-einzelhandel/

  • SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Institute GmbH 02.07.2020
    SAS Institute GmbH
    Analytics is Helping Manufacturers on the Journey Towards Industry 4.0
    Digitalization and analytics brings more efficiency to manufacturing processes, supply chain performance and product innovation. At SAS we help make your journey towards Industry 4.0 much simpler. https://www.sas.com/en_us/industry/manufacturing.html Your IoT data together with advanced analytics is key to improved plant efficiency, increased product quality and maximized yield. To get the value from your analytics models you need to be sure they are being deployed, get into production and are scalable. Read more about how analytics modernizes manufacturing and creates a competitive advantage. www.sas.com/iiot Where are you on your industrial analytics journey? Take the assessment and get recommendations for the next steps: www.sas.com/iiot-assessment SUBSCRIBE TO THE SAS SOFTWARE ...

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    Tim Cole 01.07.2020
    Helium: Blockchain-Based Wireless IoT Network Expands to Europe
    After it’s launch in America, the peer-to-peer crypto-powered wireless network Helium now announced its expansion to Europe. The post Helium: Blockchain-Based Wireless IoT Network Expands to Europe appeared first on SMART INDUSTRY.

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    Италия 2.000.000 EUR Для продажи в Остуни дом | EfG 1550-IDD
    efg-immo #Остуни #Италия #Коммерческаянедвижимость #Ферма #Апулия Италия Апулия Для продажи в сельской местности Остуни, прекрасный и внушительного дом, состоящей из главной площади гостиной и дно состоит из амбаров, сараев, печь …https://www.efg-immo.com/portal/objekt.14421.ru.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=wordpress

  • SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Institute GmbH 01.07.2020
    SAS Institute GmbH
    SAS Demo | Analytics at the Edge
    SAS Event Stream Processing enables users to analyze streaming data, uncover hidden insights with AI and make real-time, intelligent decisions in the environment of their choice. In this video, SAS Event Stream Processing is used to show how real-time streaming data can be used to detect objects in the path of vehicle navigating a track made more complex because of potholes and unpredictable pedestrian traffic. Event stream processing uses machine learning gain valuable insights from streaming data collected from operations, transactions, sensors and IoT devices. No matter how fast your data moves, how much data you have, or how many data sources you're pulling from, it's all under your control, giving you the power to stay agile and tackle issues as they arise. Event stream processing ...

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    PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter News Mai 2020 ISSN 1349-0809
    [DE] PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter "Information Management News" | Mai | 2020 | ISSN 1439-0809 | #Newsletter #PCHH #InformationManagement #Corona #Covid19 #ECM #EIM #DMS #Collaboration #Markt #Studien #Themen https://bit.ly/PCNLMai2020

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