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  • HR Thinking – Design Thinking für HR | Feedback zum Workshop | 15.11.2019
    #HRThinking ? erleben Sie die Anwendung von Design Thinking für HR und was das für Sie in Zuklunft bedeutetn kann! Design Thinking ist in aller Munde. Wie aber kann Design Thinking auch für personalwirtschaftliche Fragestellungen angewendet werden. Die Antwort heißt HR Thinking!

  • Die #HRThinking Tournee der Zukunftsinitiative Personal 2019
    Wir, die Zukunftsinitiative Personal, wollen mit #HRThinking das Design Thinkingauch im HR Bereich etablieren. Unsere Workshop sind natürlich kostenlos. 09. auf der #ZPEurope19 in Köln 11. bei perbit in Münster 11. bei ATOSS, SSZ in München

  • Die kostenlose #HRThinking Workshop Tournee der ZiP 2019
    HRThinking – eine neue Sau für Ihr Dorf! Wir, die ZukunftsinitiativePersonal wollen Design Thinking auch im HR Bereich unter dem Begriff HR Thinking etablieren. en passen.

  • Zukunftsinitiative Personal (ZiP)
    Business Meeting Solutions – Overview
    Sooner or later, your small business will certainly face issues that may effect productivity, efficiency, and even well-being. Possessing a business ensures that you must have plenty of papers. After previous corporation is done, new provider might be talked about. That identifies unresolved items that have been talked about throughout a past gathering. Phoning within… Read More »

  • Zukunftsinitiative Personal (ZiP)
    The Characteristics of Business Cloud Retail outlet – Top rated Solutions of Business Impair Store
    What has recently been much less mentioned, even so, is definitely exactly how that it will influence the approach through which institutions store data. Made available from a large assortment of vendors, including APPLE, SAP and SAS, predictive analytics applications are the issue that crunches the gathered data to decide on the particular answers a… Read More »

  • Zukunftsinitiative Personal (ZiP)
    Digital Data Place is a required tool for Due Persistance
    In cases where you prepare your digital facts room you raise the value of your provider. A fantastic info space will assist conserve you plus your investors instant in a lot of methods. As you may require additional room to put apart info, the purchase selling price boosts. The digital info place is going to… Read More »

  • Zukunftsinitiative Personal (ZiP)
    Business Meeting Solutions – Overview
    At some point, your organization is going to come across issues that could affect output, productivity, in addition to onesto. Owning a business signifies that approach lots of papers. Right after outdated organization is completed, fresh enterprise is certainly reviewed. That identifies unresolved items that were discussed during a earlier gathering. Telephoning inside The english… Read More »

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