Veröffentlicht am 19.06.2019

In the past, marketing has been viewed as more as “art” than “science.” But today, marketers and sellers need to be more tightly aligned than ever, ensuring marketing activities are targeting the right prospects with measurable results. As a result, sales needs to feed more insights back into the marketing machine, creating a high- performance cycle of measurement and adjustment. The good news? Modern CRMs allow for far more sophisticated integration between marketing and sales technology – in essence, making the promise of CRM as a closed loop marketing engine a reality. In this edition of our CRM Blueprint series, you’ll: • Discover the importance of a closed-loop marketing cycle • Uncover key aspects and features needed to make closed-loop marketing a reality • Learn how Sugar’s sales functionality seamlessly integrates with marketing automation system Salesfusion to create a bi-directional flow of critical lead insights