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  • Beiräte/Experten vorgestellt – Ralf Pichl, Business Intelligence

    Kennen Sie schon die Beiräte/Experten unseres Kompetenz-Centers Business Intelligence, z.B. Ralf Pichl? Mehr Infos durch Klick auf das Bild/Link.
  • Beiräte/Experten vorgestellt – Jürgen Litz, Business Intelligence

    Kennen Sie schon die Beiräte/Experten unseres Kompetenz-Centers Business Intelligence, z.B. Jürgen Litz? Mehr Infos durch Klick auf das Bild/Link.
  • Day II – CLOSING ADDRESS by Charles Handy, Social Philosopher

    Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017 in Vienna Austria.
  • 44. DEUTSCHER MARKETING TAG, 23. November 2017 in Frankfurt – Motto #_Next_Level_Marketing

    Über 1.000 Teilnehmer haben sich bereits für den 44. Deutschen Marketing Tag am 23. November 2017 angemeldet. Das Motto in Frankfurt: #_Next_Level_Marketing. Selten war die Marketing- Funktion so vielschichtigen Änderungenunter worfen. Gerade deshalb ist systematisches Handlungs-und Orientierungswissen im Dschungel der Vielzahl an Tools, Konzepten, Anbietern etc. für Unternehmen heute gefragterdenn je.
  • A Human Revolution – remember, remember, the 17th of November! (Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017/18)

    What happens when you bring together Top 50 management thinkers and other who - following the spirit of Peter Drucker - do not only think about the future of management, but the future of society too? Certainly they will discuss all the relevant topics of modern management. If you let them discuss the "inclusive" future of the Digital Economy it will in the best case end in a revolution, a human one! So remember, remember the 17th of November! Hopefully plan A works!
  • A real “Digital Transformation” with “Jobs-to-be-done” (Christensen et. al.) and the “Power of Pull” (Hagel et. al.)

    This "note" was written just in time for a talk with John Hagel and Efosa Ojomo during the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna. To understand the new logic of value creation within the "Digital Economy" two approaches are very promising. The "Job-to-be-Done" theory of Christensen, Ojomo et. al. is an alternative to the old thinking in building blocks like product or service. The "Power of Pull" is a fundamental alternative to the old "Push" thinking. Together they are perfect for a real "Digital Transformation" and to understand an economy of collaborative networks and services for a better value creation.
  • 01-competence-site-logo-20160127-rz-300-als-pfad_voll-cyan.png

    RIP Influencer Marketing: Brian Solis on Influence 2.0

    We’re hugely excited to welcome best-selling author and Principal Analyst and Futurist at Altimeter, Brian Solis, as keynote speaker to WAVE 2017 Influence 2.0 Marketing Summit.
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