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  • Ehrhardt + Partner Group (E+P) – Recruiting Video

    Autor : Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG | 03.02.2015
    300 Teamplayer, 5 Kontinente, 1 Ziel: „Mehr Leistung im Warehouse" Wir, die Ehrhardt + Partner-Gruppe, sind mit über 300 Mitarbeitern international führender Anbieter im Bereich der Warehouse-Logistik. Unser Warehouse-Management-System LFS ist gegenwärtig bei mehr als 500 namhaften Kunden auf allen Kontinenten weltweit im Einsatz.
  • Vortrag Online Assessments von Dr. Rainer M. Neubauer am Infotag Eignungsdiagnostik 2015 in Köln

    Autor : metaBeratung GmbH | 30.07.2015
    Inhaltsverzeichnis: 00:00 - Einführung 01:45 - Recruiting Trends 2015 04:41 - metaBeratung & Hogan Assessments 05:08 - Recruitingantworten auf den demographischen Wandel 06:48 - Interne Trends 2015 07:17 - Configure 14:00 - Datenschutz 15:48 - User Experience 17:12 - Kosten Configure 17:57 - Faking 18:48 - Fairness 21:07 - Beispiele aus der Praxis
  • Cornerstone Connect

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 08.10.2015
    No matter how big or small the team you manage is, connect with them through Cornerstone Connect. Cornerstone Connect is a way to interact with your employees, enabling collaboration in a style similar to social media. Learn how you can integrate Cornerstone Connect into your recruiting and learning process on our website. http://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/recruiting http://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/learning
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    This Isn’t Why I Went to School! – 3 Ways to Deal with Change for Clinical Staff

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 14.10.2015
    Staff turnover in healthcare is high, costly, and is causing hospital leadership to panic. Replacing just one nurse, for example, can cost upwards of 1.3 times their salary, so care centers need to learn why this is happening - Are team members disengaged? Do they have the right resources? – and how they can provide top quality patient care while also meeting the evolving needs of their staff. This requires a modern, proactive approach to talent management that will enable them to maximize retention rates and provide an engaging environment for healthcare professionals. Join us for this free webinar sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand. Dr. Tom Tonkin, Principal Consultant of Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone OnDemand, will share his thoughts and strategies to help ...
  • Cornerstone October 2015 Release

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 02.11.2015
    For the October 2015 product release, we’ve made improvements to save time, boost productivity and drive strategic decisions. This release features an updated Browse for Training section in Learning, and a more efficient Recruiting tool. We also introduced three predictive analytics dashboards for Cornerstone Insights, including Compliance Guide, Compliance Guide and Predictive Succession. To learn more visit csod.com/oct2015
  • Thumbnail of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drPcIJTVOv0

    Strategies to Recruit, Hire and Develop the Best Teachers for Your District

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 05.11.2015
    While teacher quality is known to be the most significant factor both in student achievement and the overall success of a school district, the recruiting and hiring of teachers often lack a cohesive, comprehensive strategy. Hiring less-than-ideal candidates can have far-reaching consequences, negatively impacting student learning as well as strategic district initiatives, and contributing to high turnover and instability. Watch this web seminar to learn key strategies to more effectively recruit, hire and develop the best teachers for your district, from two professors of education who are published experts on teacher interviewing strategies, and a superintendent at a district conducting innovative onboarding and professional development for new teachers. Topics include: -Tips for ...
  • Building Tomorrow’s Public Sector Workforce

    Autor : Cornerstone OnDemand | 05.11.2015
    The challenges to recruiting, hiring and retaining the best and the brightest in government have never been more intense. Workforce demographics and the retirement bubble are two common factors and another is the difficulty in competing with the private sector on pay and job mobility. As organizations struggle to overcome these challenges, positions remain unfilled and workloads increase. Join Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government as we hear from Dr. Alfonz Ruth, Chief Learning Officer for the Department of Transportation in Washington, DC and Steve Dobberowsky from Cornerstone OnDemand for an insightful webinar on new strategies being employed to improve the situation. Topics will include: -How to retain and recruit millennials -Reliance on competencies and skill ...
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