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  • Erfolg im Talentmanagement – Michael Kühner

    Talente fördern. Führung stärken Die Strametz & Associates GmbH zählt seit vielen Jahren zu den führenden Anbietern von Lösungen für die Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung in Deutschland. Mit über 25 Trainern und Beratern bedienen wir sowohl Unternehmen des Mittelstands als auch internationale Großkonzerne in ganz Deutschland und weltweit. Mit den Schwerpunkten Diagnostik, Active Learning in der Talent- und Führungskräfteentwicklung sowie Beratung für HR-Management bieten wir effektive Maßnahmen zum Erkennen, Lernen und Verändern. Active Learning - „Lernen durch Erfahrung" Mit den Live-Produkten der Strametz & Associates GmbH wird der Alltag der Teilnehmer mit den unternehmensspezifischen Anforderungen in den Trainingsraum geholt. So werden die persönlichen Herausforderungen ...
  • Die Führungskraft als Talent Manager (Haufe Seminar)

    Mitarbeiterführung und -entwicklung gehören zu den elementaren Aufgaben einer jeden Führungskraft und werden meist in Zusammenarbeit mit HR und den Mitarbeitern durchgeführt. Doch wer ist für was verantwortlich? Wer hat welche Rolle und wie lässt sich dies in der Praxis umsetzen? Das Seminar zeigt, wie die klassische Rolle einer Führungskraft sich hin zum Talent Manager verändern kann. - Ziele von Talent Management - HR oder Führungsaufgabe - Eigen- oder Fremdverantwortung - Werkzeuge, Prozesse - Rolle von HR
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    Talent Management and Succession Planning Best Practices

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 07.08.2015
    As hospitals and health systems continue managing the transition to delivering greater value to patients and populations in the midst of reimbursement degradation, legal and regulatory changes, industry consolidation, and massive workforce demographic shifts, the role and impact of talent management and succession planning practices have come under greater scrutiny. In order to proactively prepare for the unprecedented departure of executive talent while also developing future leaders to address the many implications of the Affordable Care Act, including much greater pressure to demonstrate the value of healthcare services via clinical quality metrics, many hospital organizations have invested in the development of talent management and succession planning capabilities. This webinar ...
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    Preventing Turnover: Four Reasons Staff are Leaving Your Health System

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 17.09.2015
    The high turnover rate of staff is causing hospital leadership to panic. Given that the cost of replacing a nurse can be upwards of 1.3 times their salaries, hospitals need to understand the reasons why this is occurring. The implications are far-reaching for hospitals and they need to understand how to evolve traditional approaches to stay ahead of the evolving needs of their staff. By taking a proactive approach to talent management, health systems can better hire, retain, and engage today’s workforce. Join us for this free webinar, “Preventing Turnover: Four Reasons Staff are Leaving Your Health System,” sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand. Rebecca Parker, MD, FACEP and Chair of the ACEP Board and Steve Dobberowsky, Principal Consultant of Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at ...
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    Talent Management with Lumesse ETWeb – An Introduction

    Lumesse GmbH | 18.09.2015
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    This Isn’t Why I Went to School! – 3 Ways to Deal with Change for Clinical Staff

    Cornerstone OnDemand | 14.10.2015
    Staff turnover in healthcare is high, costly, and is causing hospital leadership to panic. Replacing just one nurse, for example, can cost upwards of 1.3 times their salary, so care centers need to learn why this is happening - Are team members disengaged? Do they have the right resources? – and how they can provide top quality patient care while also meeting the evolving needs of their staff. This requires a modern, proactive approach to talent management that will enable them to maximize retention rates and provide an engaging environment for healthcare professionals. Join us for this free webinar sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand. Dr. Tom Tonkin, Principal Consultant of Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone OnDemand, will share his thoughts and strategies to help ...
  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Overview

    SAP SuccessFactors Compensation helps compensation, HR, and business leaders dramatically improve budget accuracy, reduce risk, and enable pay-for performance as part of an integrated, SaaS-based talent management solution. Unlike personal productivity tools such as Excel, or other solutions that simply "reinterpret Excel spreadsheets," SAP SuccessFactors Compensation streamlines and simplifies compensation planning, provides visibility and insight for total compensation management, and uniquely delivers pay-for-performance with automated calibration. Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors Compensation: http://sfsf.ly/Compensation2015 Data Source: Workforce 2020, Oxford Economics, 2014 To download this video file, click here: https://www.hightail.com/download/bXBhQk05dENtMEs1eDhUQw
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